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A New Way To Resolve Printer Problems With Easy Printer Support

When it comes to providing support on printers, easy printer support is well experienced in resolving customer issues. We can resolve all types of printer related problems, quickly and very easily. Whether its a driver related issues, software problems or any hardware changes required in their printers, we first understand the customer’s perspective and identify the exact problem and fix the issue without taking printers out of there home.

The best part is customers at easy printer support need to sit relax at home while we fix the printers. The content of the article includes important things to remember while looking to buy a right printer to basic requirements for easy printing to providing solutions when the printer refuses to function and much more such printing related information valuable to the readers.This writeup is a must if you looking to develop your knowledge regarding the basics of printing technology.

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We Offer Smart Guide For Buying Printer

You will be spoilt for choice once you step into that showroom to buy a new printer. But a certain amount of technical knowledge about the printers will come handy and would aid you to make a smart informed choice while purchasing a new printer. In this section, we have come up with five main features that you should look  before purchasing a printer. Read on!

Quality of the printed image: 

The foremost thing to consider while determining the picture quality of the printed image is the resolution. Make sure to choose a printer providing a wide range of capabilities when it comes to print for instance covering the modes in between 360dpi to 2880 dpi.Density is the next important factor determing the quality of the print.Next deciding factor regarding the quality of the print is the ink droplet size. T o make an informed choice, make sure you choose a printer capable of droplet size of 4 to 12 pl and that the droplets should not be visible from the naked eye.Ensure that the printer you are looking to buy has a good amount of ink configurations. Last but definitely not the least factor in determining the print quality is the ICC profile capability of the printer. Ensure that the printer you choose possesses profiling capabilities.

Size and speed of printing: 

Size of the printer is a subjective choice, that depends on your printing purpose. If you wish to print canvas, you definitely need a large size of printer that would be able to handle longer and heavier rolls. So talk to the salesperson regarding the same and make the choice right for the purpose of your buying the printer. Speed is an integral element to be looked upon while purchasing the printer. However, many times good speed compromises the   of print. Make sure you get hold of the machine which provides faster speed while retaining good print quality.

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Media handling: 

Look for printers capable of good media handling.Ensure that the printer you have your eyes on is capable of efficiently handling various media that it is loaded with.

Ease of Use: 

Ease of use would certainly be the most important factor for a user not much into the technicalities of the printing technology.Before deciding to buy a printer, ask the following questions from the salesperson and then make a decision.

  • Is loading and unloading of media is hassle free?
  • Is the control panel easy to operate?
  • Is the system simple enough to explain it to someone else?
  • Can the customized settings and details be saved for future reference?
  • Is the system driver easy enough to set up and use?

Product Support:

This is a factor which constantly stays in the mind of the buyers before they buy a technology product, the apprehension about the support for the product. Make sure to get your queries regarding the technical support team, email/phone support to the system, easy access to the 3rd party ICC profiles and many more queries that you may have regarding the product answered by the staff before buying the printer.

Printing job is executed through wired and wireless printing, though wireless printing has an upper hand in terms of benefits it provides to its users. Let us look how wireless printing has made our lives easy.

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A Glance at the Benefits of Wireless Printing :

In this on the go generation, wireless printing has proved to be a boon for those who juggle many tasks together. Lets’ go through some.

  • Effective networking: and less worry for those heaps of wires: Wireless printing makes networking easy, Multiple users can connect to a single through the medium of Wi-Fi. Everyone can get their printout from a single printer by giving a proper command. It also reduces the hazards of tripping due to many wires and also evades the danger of electric shocks.
  • Easy mobility: With the availability of wireless printing you need not be close proximity to the computer . Now you can just give a print command from your smartphone and get your command executed in no time. Save your efforts and make your work smarter in approach.
  • The bliss of internet printing: With the provision of Cloud and other online data storage centers, data can be easily shared between your device and that of other peoples’ device.With the wireless laser printer, the document to be printed gets directly printed from the cloud without occupying any extra space in your computer system.
  • Multi functional printers: Wireless printers are known for multitasking. With the printing function, you can perform additional tasks like copying, scanning and a fax machine.Some wireless printers come with the provision to print from USB flash drivers or check and send an email directly from the machine.
  • A little on the pricy side but promises long durability: Wireless printers are a bit pricy compared to the wired ones, but in the longer run they prove to be more durable and efficient. Once you purchase wireless printers, you need not worry about replacing anytime soon.

Printer is OFFLINE : Know the Easy Ways to Resolve it.

It becomes frustrating for the users once they come across the printer offline status. Go through the ways to troubleshoot the offline or non-responding status of the printer.

  • First and foremost, check the basic connection: Many times printer shows “Offline” status when it is not properly connected to your computer, or there arises some network issue leading to the printing error. Check  the same to progress with your printing function.
  • Cancel out the previous stuck commands and restart the system afresh: In many cases when HP printer says “Offline”, the fault gets rectified by canceling all the former printing command traffic and starting the printer afresh.
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  • Remove and reinstall the printing machine:If the above-mentioned steps don’t work try removing your system and reinstalling it. In order to remove the system, open “Drivers and Devices” from the start option and right click on your printer model and select “Remove’. In order to reinstall the same connect the printer to your computer and with the USB cable and turn it on.

             a.Turn on the printing system and open the computer settings.
             b.From the screen select “Change PC Settings” and open “PC and devices” and thereafter select “Devices”.
             c.Click on “Add a device” and select your printer option to end the reinstalling process.

  • Check and deactivate the automated offline commands: Sometimes the offline and pause printing commands are activated automatically impeding the printing function. In the aforementioned steps, we have mentioned the way to turn of such automated commands, scroll down and read on.

            a. From the window button, look for “Devices and Printers” and select it.
            b. From the next page select the icon of your installed printer.           
            c. Right click on the icon and click “See what’s printing”.
            d. On the upper left corner of the next page click on the “Printer” menu, and click to remove any check marks next to “Pause                               printing” or “Use printer offline” options.

  • Remove obsolete driver and download a new one for your system: An outdated driver for your printer may also create the printer “Offline” problem. In such a scenario it is best advised to download the latest, most suitable driver for your system. Follow the mentioned steps to download the driver for your system: Subsequent to downloading and installing the suitable drivers. Go to Official Website or go with CD. 

Most Common Printing Problems That Occurs

Apart from the printer’s “Offline” or “Not responding” status, users come across various other issues. Go through the aforementioned list of some common printer problems and solutions.

  • Paper jams: This is one of the most common printing   Reasons for the jam is the unkept printer, dirty papers being employed for printing task, paper not being aligned in the system properly and probably the worn down condition of the rollers on the system.
  • Printer refuses to function: Several times printer refuses to carry out its function without notifying the user, in such a situation check for its proper connection with your computer, network connectivity and in case of a wireless system, be sure to check the Wi-Fi signal and its proper connectivity to your system.
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  • Slow Printing: Slow printing process becomes much of a tedious process. To escape such a trouble you might want to avoid double-sided printing as it generally slows down the printing procedure. Shifting the “Draft printing mode” also helps. For many substantial effects add RAM to your system.
  • Ghosting error: Another prominent printing issue arises when the exact same copy of your printed text gets copied at another place in a much lighter text, this error is referred to as “Ghosting”.This can be corrected by ensuring that the power outlet supplying power to the printer is in place and replaced the outdated instruments as drum or imaging kit leading to ghosting error.
  • Low quality of the printed pictures: Poor quality pictures results to reasons as using inappropriate paper type, running short of one color leading to picture discoloration, outmoded ink cartridges, unclean noozle and wrong alignment of papers. Stay careful of these factors and avoid any hazy pictures.
  • Agitated at low ink warning , after recently getting your cartridge ink refilled?Wondering why you receive low toner warning after getting your cartridge toner refilled lately! This mostly happens when the toner gets stuck to the walls of the cartridge a gentle shake might work for you as it would equally redistribute the toner all over the cartridge. If not necessary avoid the use of colored toner as they have less page yield than black toners. As a last piece of information, continue with your printing task till you see your printed text fading as systems generally alert you much before the toner actually is on verge of finish.

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