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A Complete Guide to Diagnose HP Printer Problems
a guide to diagnose hp printer problem

A Complete Guide to Diagnose HP Printer Problems

A Guide to Diagnose HP Printer Problems

Does your work gets obstructed due to hp printing issues? Is the entire effectiveness of your work gets minimized due to varied hp printing problems? If your answer to the questions here is yes, this article is written down for you.

These days we have multiple printing brands in the market, but HP (Hewlett Packard) an American printing company founded in 1984, has been dominating the market owing to its competitive prices and user-friendly varieties as personal, shared, virtual and 3D models to name just a few. We have planned this article to assist our readers with the HP printer problems they face while operating the system along with quick and easy solutions to fix hp printer printing problems .

1. Let us Start with the Basic! to Fix HP Printer Problems

Maybe your printing issue does not need you to involve in any advanced technicalities. Check whether the basic connection between your hp printer and computer is intact. Another way is to unplug the devices for a couple of minutes and then restart. Hope after this procedure your printer works.

2.Check for the Print Queue:

The next basic cause of your hp printer not taking command is due to previous print traffic, referred to as “Print queue”. Make sure to check any previous stuck printing requests and clear them if any to continue with newer requests. Follow the below-given procedure to fix hp printer problems due to the print queue.


  • Open “Devices and Printers” from the start menu.
  • Make a right click on HP printer and thereafter select “What’s printing”
  • Click  “Open as administrator from the printer menu.
  • To cancel the previous command traffic, open the “Printer” menu and select “Cancel all        documents”
  • Click “Yes” to confirm and now you can proceed with your printing task.

3. Is your HP Printer Receiving Commands to Perform? If not, set it as “Default”

is-your-printer-receiving-commands-to-perform-if-not-set-it-as-default A Complete Guide to Diagnose HP Printer Problems

If your hp printer is not responding to your printing commands then one of the most probable reason might be the wrong settings in the computer. To avoid such chaos you need to make sure that your printer is selected as “Default printer”.This command gives a green signal to your printer to carry out its function as and when commanded by the user. Fix hp printer not printing problems by following the provided steps below.

  • In the “Run” dialogue box type “Control”
  • Once the control panel opens, select “Devices and Printers”.
  • On the next screen select and right click on on the HP printer option and select “Set as default printer” and proceed.
  • Now after the above steps if you see a green tick below the HP printer icon your job is done!

4. Resolve the HP Printing Issue by Choosing the Right Driver for Your System!

HP printer driver plays a critical part in enabling the printer to carry out its functions. Like any other software, it also becomes obsolete and needs replacement. Many times even an inappropriate driver for your system ruins the printing function. So a user should be careful about the driver being used to have a satisfactory experience.  With the assistance of “Driver Easy” software, you can easily, efficiently perform this function & fix hp printer problems. It works like a pro in searching for the best device among the 3 million device drivers. To download and install follow these steps:


  • After downloading and installing the Driver Easy software click on Driver Easy and select “Scan Now Button”.Wait till the software scans for any problem devices.
  • In order to download the most appropriate driver for your device, click on “Update” option next to your HP printer in your Driver Easy screen.

5. It May Not be the System’s Error But HP Printer Hardware Issue!

Sometimes even after doing a detailed check of your printer and computer, printing error is puzzling you, then it could be a hardware fault. The connecting cable, USB decay over time and need replacement, sadly like the system these don’t provide any error message. To combat such a situation always keep an additional connector cord available to your rescue and not let your urgent work be halted.Another hardware issue resulting in printing problem is the shortage of RAM capacity. If your system run out of RAM capacity, it reduces the printing speed leading to a tedious and frustrating experience for the user.

Now give your ailing printer a fresh lease of life with the above guide tips to fix hp printer problems. A user can also put HP printers’ inbuilt “Support” feature to use if in need of any additional support.


Have a satisfactory printing experience!

a-guide-to-diagnose-hp-printer-problem A Complete Guide to Diagnose HP Printer Problems
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