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How to fix HP Printer Color Not Printing Problems?
Easy ways to fix Hp printer color problems

How to fix HP Printer Color Not Printing Problems?

Our world is full of color all around. Every component around has its distinguished color pattern. Imagine how it would be if our world would be painted with only black and white like when my hp printer not printer color! Most dull and monotonous visual it would have been. The same goes for the printers for example printer color not printer properly. A colorful text would be any day preferred than a monochrome one. However till sometime back due to high costs and general cost-effective belief colored printers have been used in the most urgent of the cases. Understanding the evolving market needs, printer brands have come up with cost-effective colored printer ranges. Hewlett Packard, an American brand HP also has come up with many colored ranges offering both monochrome and colorful printing features, for customers to work on according to their requirements. Now before discussing the causes for a colored printer to cease printing colors and the solution, let us first discuss a little bit about the need and benefits yielded on using a colored print and what to do if my HP printer is not printing color on paper, .

What to Do if My HP Printer is Not Printing Color

Hp Printing technology is used worldwide in almost all walks of life, be it a business, finance or educational background. All these have so much to owe to the colored printing technology. Businesses use colored printouts to attract the attention of their target client, their presentation becomes more alluring, persuasive and long remembered, all which leads to a long term profit. Educators make use of colored prints to make the content more engaging, vibrant and better remembered by the students. Students with special needs benefit from technology too to solve the hp printer color not printing problem.

However, while using the color feature in the hp printing system, users should be aware of the hp printer color text not printing & images problems they might face with some easy to rectify solutions to their rescue.Make your printing experience smooth and easy to work on by reading the issues and solutions in the following section to solve hp printer color not printing.

Catridge falling short of ink:Amongst the many reasons for a printer to stop printing colored text or picture or hp printer color not printing, the most common reason could be cartridge running short of ink. But before running to a conclusion, do the visual inspection and replace the ink cartridge if required.Follow these steps to perform visual checking and cartridge replacement:

a. Open the front cover of the printer carefully and check for the ink content. If the ink is on the verge of finish, install a new one hp printer color not printing correctly to resolve.

b.If you find your cartridge almost full or hp printer color not printing correctly, the next step is to check the ink’s expiry date as a rarely used expired ink tends to dry up and forms a thicket making its use problematic.

c, If the cartridge is past the expiry date install a new one to progress with printing task to resolve hp envy printer not printing color.

HP Printer Printhead Needs to be Replaced or Freshly Installed:

The other way to troubleshoot HP Printer not printing color issue is related to Printhead, It is a principal factor in the printing process as it technically puts ink to paper to create a presentable text. Clean the printhead following the stated steps as below:

a. Go to the start button and search for “Control Panel”, open it and then click on “Drivers and printers”


b.On the next page look for your printing system icon, right click on the same and select “Properties”


c.On the new window that appears click on “Hardware” option and then click on “Clean Ink  ” on the subsequent window.

d.Follow the prompt onscreen instructions to clean the printhead and perform a printing check thereafter.

Enable the HP Printer Color Command to resolve HP Printer color not Printing Issue:

Check for the default commands that your HP printer has been following and enable the color option if disabled to resolve hp printer color not printing issue efficiently. Follow these simple steps to perform this task.

    • On the‘Start” option select “Settings”.
    • From the settings menu click on “Printers”.
    • Right, click on your printing system icon and select “Properties”.
    • From the properties page click “Printing preferences”
    • Thereafter click the “Paper/quality “tab and select “Color”. Click “OK”  and exit from the page.
    • Now perform a print test and receive a colored print of your choice.
    • Another way to solve the colored print issue is by checking that the “Greyscale “printing option from the “Printing preferences” hp envy printer not printing color of your printer icon is disabled.

 Along with the above troubleshooting tips on how to get printer print colors, a user can take expert help from HP printer technical support number.  Empower your business, education or finance field with this color printing facility.

Have a satisfactory printing experience! If You are Unable to print black color then visit “HP Printer Not Printing Black” to get out of it.






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