Brother Printer Setup and Installation

Brother printers can often face scanning errors. In this writeup we have described in brief the solutions Brother Printer is Working But Scanner is Saying. The first and foremost step is to enable your Brother printer scanner which can be done by following these steps-
  • Press the power button on your printer to turn it ‘ON’.
  • Make sure that the correct printer drivers are downloaded and installed.
  • Now ensure that your network connection between your computer and printer is  securely established and your  printer is in ‘available’ status.
  • Check the available firewall settings to ensure that there is no block on printer drivers.
  • Check the control center setting as it should be in running status. 
Why does my Brother printer say check connection when I try to scan

Brother Printer Should Be Error Free: 

When you check the printer if the LCD screen of the printer is blank there are two possibilities- The printer is off or in sleep mode.To correct this press the power button and hold it till your printer comes out of the sleep mode. Also check if the printer’s power chord is plugged in or not. 

Your printer may show you errors such as-

  • Paper jam error
  • Ink toner is empty
  • Printer Offline etc

You need to follow the troubleshooting steps for these errors to keep your printer in ‘Ready to use’ status’. It is vital to ensure the active status of your printer in order to use the scanner. 

Brother printer should be available to print: 

You can make your Brother printer in available to print status by following these steps-

  •  Click the start menu and click on the control panel settings.
  • Now click on the ‘device and printer’ option.
  • After that right click on available brothers printer and select printer properties.
  • Thereafter uncheck the ‘use printer offline’ option if it is selected. This will bring your printer back online from offline. 
  • Finally you can click on printer test page to see if the printer is printing. 
Why does my Brother printer say check connection when I try to scan
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Brother Printer Scanner Driver: 

You can check your printers scanner driver by the following ways-

  • Open the scanner settings in the control panel and select the scanner from the list of shown scanners.
  • Now in the search bar type the word scanner and click the option ‘view scanners and cameras’ option.
  • Check the scanner icon on the brother printer as it should be in available. In case if it’s not available, ensure that you install your scanner driver correctly from the Brother  printers official website.

 IP address of the Brother Printer: 

In case of wireless setup you can locate and configure the IP address of your printer by following ways- 

  • Press the menu option on your brother printer.
  • Now select the printer reports.
  • After that select the option for network configuration and press ‘OK’.
  •  Now click on the start and exit. In case if the  IP address of the printer reads as ‘’ this means that it will take some time to configure. If it doesn’t work then try this process again. 

Set the IP address for the Scanner Driver: 

  • Open  and select your  scanner and cameras option from the control panel of your computer.
  • Now click on properties and choose your scanner from the above option.
  • Now click on the network setting tab.
  • Thereafter select and specify your machine by address by entering the IP address for the scanner. 
  • Lastly click on ‘OK’ to complete the process. 

Firewall Settings play an important role: 

The firewall is another kind of security software which might stop your brother printer from scanning by blocking the network scanning option in your system. Therefore to avoid this you need to disable your firewall so that the network scanning software works well for your system.

Follow the following steps to disable the firewall settings-

  • Open the control panel setting and click on window firewall setting.
  • Now select the network and sharing center and check your network settings as it should be active in nature.
  • Thereafter select the windows firewall option and turn it ‘off’ or ‘on’ asper your requirements. 
  • Now choose the firewall settings and click on advance settings tab.
  • Now select the inbound rules and click and enter the  port. 
  • After that select the allow option to to save your firewall settings. The will prevent your firewall from blocking your printer and scanner. 

Scanner won’t scan from the brother’s printer: 

You may face a common error that the scanner is not scanning in a regular mode. To fix this error follow the below mentioned steps-

  • Open the control panel settings
  • Now open the system and security settings and click the firewall window,
  • Select allow windows program and click on change settings.
  • Select file printer sharing option for your network location then click ok.  Now your scanner will work. 

Ensure the Control Setting is running:

  • Click on start and open apps.
  • Now click on brother printer and select the printer utilities.
  • Now select the control panel and click on scanning option.
  • Thereafter check if the scanner settings are matching the network settings or not. Incase if its not matching,  configure the IP address of your printer.
  • Now apply the settings and click on ‘ok’.
  • Lastly Select the printer by its name and click  on apply changes and close the window. Now your scanner is ready to use.

Still Not able to resolve the issue, run our Diagnostic Tool for Printer Check Up


In the above steps we have highlighted the solutions to fix the problem ‘Brother printer is working but scanner says not connected’. The accurate implementation of these steps should fix your printers scanning issue. However if you are unable to fix your issue then fell free to contact us on the helpline number provided or you can contact the Brother’s helpline from their official website. 

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