Brother Printer Setup and Installation

Why Is Brother Printer Not Printing On PC ?

If your Brother printer stops printing on your Windows or Mac computer, this write up is for you. Here, we have explained the troubleshooting steps for fixing printer errors. Thereby, we have further explained the issue of Brother printer not printing Black and not printing Color. 

Check Why My Brother Printing Is Not Printing Anything ?

Brother Printer Not Printing Due to 'Offline' Issue

Check the printer setting and see if its set in the offline mode. If that is happening, your printer may stop working. To change the setting, here is what you need to do –

  • Click on the start button of your computer.
  • Go to settings.
  • Then click on devices and under ‘devices’ and click on ‘printers and scanners’. 
  • Now select the printer you are using. 
  •  Right click on the printer.
  • Click on ‘see what’s printing’ option from the dropdown menu. 
  • Select ‘printer’ option from the upper left corner. 
  • A dropdown menu will appear. Now unselect ‘use printer offline’ option.
  • Ensure that the ‘use printer offline’ option is unchecked. 

uncheck brother printer offline


Brother Printer Troubleshooting For 'Not Printing' Issue By Checking Port

Firstly ensure that your Brother printer is connected to the right port. Incase if its not, follow these steps-

  • Click the start button on your PC.
  • Go to settings.
  • Then ,click on devices and select ‘printer & scanners’.
  • Now select devices and printers.

device and printer option

  • From the device list, select the printer you are using and right-click on it. 
  • From the dropdown menu select ‘properties’.
  • Under properties, select ‘change properties’ from the general section.
  • Thereafter, select the ’ports’ option and click on the port which contains your printer name. 

Thereafter select the port

  • Finally, click on ‘apply’ to complete the process. 
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Brother Printer In 'Ready' Status But Not Printing

  • Firstly check if the printer status is ready. If not, put it on ready.
  • Now check if you have too many printing requests. To check that, just simply hover your mouse’s cursor over the Brother Printer icon. You will see many options like Offline, Paused, Use Printer – depending on the status.


  • See if there are any documents in the queue. If there are, right-click on the Brother Printer and then cancel all the tasks.

cancel all the tasks

  • Incase you see brother printer status is offline, then right-click on the printer icon and simply uncheck ‘Use Printer Offline menu’ and Click on the ‘Use Printer Online option’. This will bring the printer online.


Ensure Brother Printer Is Installed In Right Manner

If you see any installation issue, you have to remove and then reinstall your printer. Here is how you can do that-

Removing your Brother printer:

  • Click on the start button on your PC.

Click on the start button on your PC

  • Then go to the ‘control panel’ settings.
  • Click on ‘devices’ and then click on ‘printers & scanners’. 

device and printer option

click on printers & scanners

  • Under ‘printers & scanners’ select the printer you are using. 
  • Then click on ‘remove device’ option. Now your device is removed successfully. 

Re-installing your printer –

  • Select the start button on your PC. 
  • Then go to settings.
  • Click on devices then click on ‘printers & scanners’.
  • Under printers & scanners select “Add a printer or scanner” option. 

Under printers & scanners select Add a printer or scanner

  • Wait for the completion of the search process for the new devices.

Wait for the completion of the search process for the new devices

  • After the search process gets completed, a device list will appear. Choose your Brother printer from the list and click on ‘add device’. 


Brother Printer Not Printing - MAC

Brother Printer’s driver error also can cause the Brother Printer to stop working in Mac. The driver error occurs due to the wrong driver selection or outdated driver for system. You have to select the proper driver for the printer so that the printer can work properly. Here is what you should do –

  • Download the latest printer driver from the Brother Printer’s  Website (
  • Install the driver and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup.
  • After the installation of driver, open ‘Apple’ menu and click on ‘System Preferences’.
  • Now click on ‘Printers and Scanners’ option.
  • Click on ‘+’ sign to add the printer. Now select your Brother printer from list of shown printer’s and click on ‘Add’ option.
  • Now your Brother printer will be ready to use on Mac


Check If Your Brother Machine Is Switched ON Or Not

Sometimes, the printer is switched off and many people do not realize it. Check if the power source of the printer is working just fine. Here is how –

  • If the LED light on the Brother printer is lighting properly, it means the printer has enough power.

LED light on the Brother printer is lighting properly

  • Brother Printer is indicating the signal ‘ON’, when the LED light is bright and lighting.
  • If you see that the error light is blinking or lit, it means that there are some errors in the printer.

If you see that the error light is blinking

  • If there are no lights lit even after you have powered on the printer, check the power source. If needed, reattach the power cord again. 

Brother Printer Not Printing in Black Color

In this section we have described troubleshooting steps to fix ‘Brother Printer not printing in Black color’ error.

Here is a quick list of the most common reasons that impede Brother Printer not printing in Black text.

  • This error may occur if the tape on the printer cartridge is not removed properly.

If the Brother tape on the cartridge is not removed completely

  • Use of low-quality generic ink cartridges.

Use of low-quality generic ink cartridges in brother printer

  • If the new cartridge is not installed well before getting dry.
  • If the printer is not being used often or the tanks are not mixed appropriately.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the issue of Brother Printer Won’t Print in black text.

  • Make use of high-quality generic cartridges: Users must ensure that high-quality generic cartridges are put to use as it provide correct viscosity. Also the chemical formula that will not clog the print nozzle should be used.
  • Ensure that the printer is not placed in a warm position: In case you place your printer in a warm place like near the window, the ink might congeal inside the printhead. Therefore the printer must be placed in an accurate position.

brother printer placed in warm place

  • Print regularly: In case the printer is not used regularly it may dry out and block the fine print nozzles.

Hope these steps helps you to fix Brother printer won’t print black color issue.


Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Brother printers not printing in colors

Troubleshooting steps to perform when Brother printer is not printing in color mainly consist of two steps-

A. Firstly, check whether the ink cartridges are installed properly 

B. Secondly clean the print head that might be leading to the issue.

1. That’s how you can check if your ink cartridges are installed well

  • Open the paper output cover.

Open the paper output cover brother printer

  • Once the head cover opens , push up the ink cartridge lock lever.

Once push up the ink cartridge lock lever of brother printer

  • Now close the paper output cover.

Please note: If the error does not resolve, remove the fine cartridges and reinstall them.

2. That’s how you can clean the printhead.

  • Begin by printing the print quality check sheet.

check brother printer print quality

  • At this step hit the “ink” or “Ink indicator” option and click on “Test Print”.
  • Select the “Print Quality” option. Thereafter, press the “Color Start” key.

Select the Print Quality option in brother printer

  • Now closely check the print quality check sheet. The colors should appear in the order from left to right “Black. Yellow, cyan and magenta”.

check the print quality check sheet

  • Now choose “No” when LCD asks you if the print quality is ok.
  • Here LCD will ask you if you wish to start cleaning.
  • In continuance with the above step , press the “Color Start” key and the machine starts cleaning the print head.
  • Here press the “Color Start” option once the machine finishes cleaning printhead. Another print quality sheet will print.

press the “Color Start” option in brother printer

  • Here repeat the cleaning and quality check process as followed in the previous steps.
  • Now compare the print quality check sheets and you will definitely see improvement.
  • Lastly, press “Stop or exit”.

brother printer not printing

Your brother printer can stop working due to many reasons. We have come up with a simple, yet effective printer troubleshooting manual for you. Take a look –

Brother Printer Connected But Not Printing 

Incase if your Brother printer is connected to Wi-Fi but not printing, you need to check your connectivity issue-

  • Check if the connection between your PC and printer is perfectly secured.
  • Ensure that wire or cable of the printer is attached properly. 

Verify if your Brother printer is connected to your PC-

You can do this by following these steps- 

  • Open ‘Printers and Devices’ option in your PC and check if your Brother Printer is chosen as the “DEFAULT” printer.

device and printer option

device and printer option choose brother printer as a default

  • If wireless Brother Printer is not printing, make sure that your Brother printer and PC are connected to the same router and access point.
  • Check your ethernet cable and see if its properly connected.

Check your ethernet cable and see if its properly connected

  • Finally check that your printer status is not ‘paused’ nor it should be in ‘offline’ status.

check brother printer status is offline


There are many ways by which you can check and bring your Brother Printer to start working again. By following the steps mentioned on this article you will be able to fix errors related to your printer. However if you are unable to make your printer work, you can contact us for further assistance. 

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