Brother Printer Setup and Installation

The brother printers are most famous brands of printers which offer high quality print outs and they are effectively used for home schools and offices. Mostly these are effective set of printers work well but sometimes due to minor reasons you may experience failure in these printers and they will stop working. Many users may not be aware of how to connect a brother printer to Mac. This article will offer simple steps to connect brother’s printer to Mac.  Noting down brother printer and MAC can be easy the best way to do so is note down the SSIS and network key. Also follow the below steps for the connecting Mac and brother printer together with each other.

Steps to Connect Brother Printer to MAC:

Sometimes a Brother printer user face issues that the printer is not responding to the MAC device, please select the Apple menu, please go to the system and preferences option, please click the printer and scanner option, please hold the control key on available on keyboard option. Please click on the reset option on the printer this will reset the printer in a hassle free manner. Once again add the brother printer is reset. Now the option of resetting the printer and scanner is empty now. Once again add the brother printer to print the documents without any hindrance.
First of all power of your brother’s printer, remove the plug and power outlet, please unplug the interface cable, now please plug into the power outlet, please turn on the printer, insert the CD on the CD ROM drive that comes along with your printer. To install the driver please follow the on screen instructions to follow you, restart your printer and the newly installed driver, Now select the printer and install the paper port, for effective results ensure that all ports kindly read all instructions carefully given in the manual. Now select the Apple menu select system preferences.  Please click on printer and scanners, printer scanner and fax, Now please click the add button, please click the default options, select the name of your printer, print and fax and print and scan option both are there. Now please allow and add the apple printer to the device. Once your printer is added to the Mac device, please quit the system preferences.
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Why is the Brother’s Printer Not Connected to Mac?

Why is the Brother’s Printer Not Connected to Mac ​
The most common reason why the brother printer is not printing & connected to Mac is because the connection between Mac and brother’s printer is lost. There are various factors that make this situation to arise. The first reason is wrong settings and configuration, the driver of the printer is faulty in nature. There is multiple troubleshooting ways by which the above issue can be resolved. 

How will Mac Recognise Brother Printer?

The Mac operating system has a lot of printer drivers and USB connections the only thing you need to ensure is that the printer is able to recognise the Mac device and vice versa. Please select the printer from the system preferences tab which is listed in the apple menu.

How do fix the issue Brother‘s printer not responding to Mac:

The Brother printer needs to be switched off and turned on again so that it resets the printer; you need to delete the printer from the system preferences so that the printer can be re added to the Mac device. Use the following steps to reset the printer, please click the apple menu icon, Click printer & scanners, Right click the control click the list for the available devices, click on resetting printing system, click reset button to ensure printer is reset. 

Brother’s printer and Mac device not connecting:

Brother’s printer and Mac device not connecting​
The Mac device automatically connects the device to wifi and downloads the relevant drivers you need to click the device and unclick the option printer is used offline. Mac starts the troubleshooting itself so that the printer can be fixed on its own. Brother Offline printers need to be reset and loaded once again. Make sure all the USB cables are in power. There should be no paper jam make sure the paper is aligned properly.
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Troubleshooting Steps for Brother Printer not connecting to Mac are as below:

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Choose your printer, through clicking the online button and then please pick your Brother printer from the list. Please click the reset button on the printer machine. Click the Apple menu and spot devices choices, click on print and test. Press the control key and click on the right hand side corner once you click the printer within the printer listing.  Now select your printer from the listing once the printer is selected download and deploy the driver now continue to use the printer. In other words you have reinstalled the printer. 

The hardware or the motive force has become outdated this may cause an issue for printing may be the printer chip or the fuse of the printer is faulty in nature. 


Brother printers are cost effective printers these printers facilitate printing for work and school, college projects, in addition to printing we can copy and scan from the printer the printer works through a USB and also a wireless connection. Mac devices are compatible with brother printers but the device is not connected because firewall enablement stops the printer from printing. There are multiple ways to resolve the issue of Mac not connecting effectively to the printer. Faulty hardware, outdated software paper jam, low or no ink toners all these are key reasons why the printer does not print while it is connected to MAC and often shows offline. 

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