How to Connect Wireless HP Printer to Your Chromebook

How to Connect Wireless HP Printer to Your Chromebook

HP is one of the famous brand across the world to bring best quality electronic devices with more features. Advance features of the Hp Printer make it more unique so more number of people have been using it. HP Printer could also be connected on the Chromebook. You can access Chromebook with the wireless printing feature network or cloud-based printer for accepting the switching on a few settings. However, you can add the web browser should connect with the desktop printer and used to an advanced laser printer with choice of many devices. It is allowed to send the documents and along to reside with your location as well as take the routers for connect hp printer to chromebook. On another hand, you can accept the best switching process and available for connects with the laser printer and choose to more devices for your process will be more fast and easy. You can handle having the printed as well as more option is available to save the many printing with the all cloud ready to use your Chromebook. In addition, you can handle to requires the best method of the average modern printer. There are possible to connect hp printer to chromebook with the portable cable and skip to parts of your connecting over a network and if you want to see the steps to setup hp printer to computer you can check our blog section.

Set Up Classic Network For HP Printer:

You can search the HP Printer the computer and more access to more instructions for the need to step up access via Google Print or HP Print for Chrome. It is one of the best features and also connected with the local network for the need to order the establish the connection of hp printer to chromebook with the Google Cloud Print

The Google Chrome on the computer attached to the same networks and you can make to sign with your Google account within Chrome as on the Chrome book


  • Click the Menu button

  • Click settings

  • You can search the cloud print field

  • You can manage the Cloud Print devices

  • And then, you can add the HP printer and allow to connect your Google Account including services of Google Print service

  • You can handle your HP printer and you can take with the Google Print

  • Then, you can select the HP printer for the menu is left and list the printers connected with using the process

  • Now, you can access the best HP printing method for the Chrome browser as well as more appear the output destinations.

HP Print for Chrome Based Device (Extension)

When you are looking for cloud base connectivity with the printer Add HP Print for Chrome Extension to get ready for Google Cloud Print and more guidance of professionals with every steps is here & cloud-enabled hardware services provided.


  • You can select and add the cloud ready printer for the main menu on the left side. You can take the Google Print page with some instructions for the cloud-enabled printers.

  • And then, you can find out the manufacturer of your printer and follow the more instructions to connect hp printer to chromebook.

Steps to Setup & Connect Wireless HP Printer to Chromebook, Chrome

  • Choose the main menu icon and top of the right corner of the Chrome Web browser

  • You can handle the print from the drop-down menu

  • In the main destination factor of the menu on the left side

  • Choose the destination printer as well as works to best process

  • Then, go to settings and select the pages such as page layout, margins, and page range more.

  • Now, you can select the print options on the left side to connect hp printer to chromebook

HP Printers: Printing Chromebook

  • Printing documents are printing and various Chromebooks in the wireless or wired connection

  • You can add the printer on the chrome book

  • You can connect the best of your Chromebook with a wireless or USB cable connection should be a complete setup

  • Any drivers and apps are required to set up hp printer

  • Then, access the Chromebook to the latest version of Chrome OS

  • Mainly focused on the printer is turned for cartridges are installed and loaded the best tray.

  • You can connect the printer and also able to chrome book for wireless printing with more steps to Setup Google Cloud Print On HP Printers with the local Wi-Fi network

Setting The Local Wi-Fi network:

Mainly focused on the setup process and need to better printers and along to select the Wireless Setup Wizard and follow the many instructions to connect to your printer network. You cannot know about the login information for your Wireless Password. Touch screen control panel and choose and hold the Wireless and Cancel buttons at the same time with the main power of light flashes.

Step 1:

  • Connect the wireless light to flash of the printer and more the wireless seconds of Edge lighting flashes blue.

  • However, it is one of the best protection setup the router and along to connect the main process.

  • You can access the best connection on the wireless light on the printer stops flashing for more connection completes.

  • You can click the bottom right side corner and you can check out the settings icon

  • The scroll bottom of the screen and click to more advanced

  • You can select the printing section and click the printers

  • Add the printer

  • Enter your name and click to enter the add

  • Now, add the printer in chrome OS


Step 2: Print from the Chromebook:

  • You can accept the printing process such as documents, web pages, photos, emails and etc.

  • Open items should want to print

  • You can choose the chrome browser settings icon.

  • Go to the main menu in chrome settings

  • You can change the better printer

  • Then, you can choose the better printer for your destination

  • Next, you can change at any printing settings  and click Print

Print from the Chromebook

We at Easy Printer Support provide the best help for hp printer giving you more detailed information about to connect hp printer to chromebook and network-connected printers. You can get support with printing through to the Chrome browser with the hp print for chrome and get more information.

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