How to Fix if Epson printer not printing

Best Tutorial to fix Epson Printer Not Printing Anything

Epson is a Japan-based company, deals in multifunctional printers and point of sale printers, Epson is abbreviated for the son of electronic printers. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of printers. Alongside also the largest manufacturers for imaging equipment and information related equipment.

Detailed information with solution Epson Printer not Printing Anything

Epson printer highlights a number of printing errors which is why the Epson printer is unable to print or Why Epson Printer not Printing. Let’s find out what are these errors? Also how we can strategize to resolve each error?

The most common error identified by the researchers is the printer is not appropriately connected to the computer.

  • Please turn of the printer and the computer.
  • Make sure the interface cable is securely placed and plugged in into the correct port of the computer.
  • Make sure the interface cable specifications match the computer and the printer.
  • The interface cable should be directly connected to the computer.
  • Please uninstall the Epson printer, now again reinstall the printer, this will allow you the reset the printer properly.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.

Please install the printer driver for Epson.

  • Click start, settings and printers.
  • Please select the default printer now please close the printer window.
  • Please increase virtual memory of the EPSON printer.
  • Run the cleansing utility.

If you have an Epson printer and the printouts are coming to be faint. There is a high chance that the Nozzle is going to be clogged. Overtime the small amounts of ink collects in the nozzles of the Epson printer and it clogs the nozzles. If the ink cartridges are replaced in a timely and orderly when you get a low ink alert it helps.

Blocked print heads in Epson printers can occur regardless, if you use original Epson printer cartridge or an alternative one.

Let’s identify what could be the possible causes for Epson printer not printing after it has clogged nozzles. You are unable to change the cartridge correctly when you get a low ink warning. When you install a new cartridge your printer prepares the print head for a new cartridge this activity is called priming.

When the printer pushes more amount of ink in the nozzle it ends up blocking the printer head.

This causes the Epson printer to give you lower quality printouts which are not clear.

When you do not turn off your printer, the ink cartridge releases ink in the nozzle and the ink dries up. When you turn on the printer the printer goes into a cleaning mode. This gets the ink flowing again in the printer.

If you do not use the printer on a regular basis, this causes the ink to dry up. You can use laser printer which uses toner ink. The laser printer uses toner ink which does not dry up easily.

If you know the causes of the nozzle getting clogged, you can take the corrective measures to repair the printer. And avoid the issue of the print head getting clogged.

Perfect Fixes for Epson Printer Not Printing Error

There are various steps due to which the Epson printer can be fixed. The steps are given below.

  • Due to improper setup of the printer.
  • Printer not properly connected to the printer.
  • Your printer port may not match the specification of the port.
  • Epson printer is not a default printer.
  • Updated Epson driver is not installed.
  • Issues with the firmware of the Epson printer.

Below are some of the tried and tested steps to fix the Epson not printing error. Follow the steps properly if you are able to get over hurdle of Epson printer not printing in Epson printers.

  • Connect the Epson printer correctly to the computer. Checkout the cables and wires and how they are connected to the computer.
  • Please appropriately check printer and computer cable. Please ensure the cable is connected securely and directly.
  • Make sure the interface cable is compatible with your printer and the computer as well. If you are using external printer devices and extension cables to setup the printer remove the same.
  • Please ensure the cables used for a secure and stable connection are not damaged or torn.
  • In case they are damaged replace them with a new cable so that the connection is securely established.

In case you face a challenge in the above steps and your issues related to the Epson printer are not resolved. Please contact the customer care to get instant support. You can raise a service request or receive on call service assistance through the customer care number of Epson printers. The technicians will help you resolve any kind of problems related to the printer.

Epson printer not printing Black:

Epson printer will not print in black color, the reason behind this issue is the cartridge vents of the printer are clogged you can use a cleaning pin to clean the printer. If you face an issue that your old cartridge is able to printer something and the new cartridge cannot print the same it clearly means that cartridge installed is faulty in nature.

There are number of reasons why the cartridge cannot print in black color these reasons include the following.

  • The cartridge is black in color but it is empty.
  • You might not have removed the vent tape from the cartridge.
  • Please ensure the cartridges are installed properly and correctly.
  • Cartridges have an ink which is really old in nature.
  • You might have tried other cartridges.
  • Ink filters or vents can be clogged due to excessive printing.
  • The cartridges are older than 18 months.
  • Ink may have been kept in the direct sun light.
  • Clean the printer head so that your printer works effectively.

My Epson printer has 4 kinds of ink cartridges, the black one is recently fading away, but the cyan, magenta and magenta, and black. The black ink is usually the most used. The ink cartridge, does not show it’s empty. The printer can get blocked, due to cartridge not being compatible with the printer.

If the Epson printer is out of warranty, so now there is no technical support, Epson will not help you if you have used non branded ink cartridges.

Please replenish the cartridge as and when required, please also ensure that the Epson is securely connected to a network.

Epson printer does not print after changing ink

Epson printer does not recognize the new cartridge, because the printer has not been calibrated properly. You may rely on your printer to create important documents and suddenly the cartridge is not printing. One of the reason is it does not recognize the ink cartridge. It still believes its empty.

These problems occur even when you make an attempt to refill the cartridge yourself.

  • Please remove the protective tape, most of the cartridges are stripped of protected tape. This tape blocks, the nozzle to prevent the ink from leaking. If you don’t remove the tape you will not able to print. Remove the cartridge from printer and then remove the tape. Its color depends on the model of the printer. Please use a seal on the cartridge so that it does not dry up.
  • Please reset the ink cartridge counter, your printer does not recognize the ink cartridge. Many printers have a cartridge reset feature. That reinforces the printer to recognize the new cartridge. You can reset the cartridge in Epson printer in the following way. Open the cleansing button, now press the eject button for three seconds lift the clamp securing the cartridge. Shut the clamp and then click on load and eject.
  • Run the extended cleaning cycle, the cartridge may dry out running an extended cleaning cycle may resolve this issue for the better. When you refill an ink the ink does not reach the reservoir properly. Fix this problem by removing the reservoir. Fix this problem by injecting more ink in the cartridge. Air bubbles also get trapped in the cartridge. Block the ink flowing Allow the ink cartridge to sit unused for about an hour. To give the bubble a chance to dislodge by itself. If the problem persists, remove the cartridge gently. Tap it on the table so that you can release the button.
  • Epson printer does not allow to use non branded cartridges, this may damage the Epson printer badly. The non-branded cartridges are not covered in the Epson warranties. Leave the old cartridge installed in the printer until you find a replacement for the same.
  • Please try to restart the printer this may help the Epson printer to recognize the cartridge. Please ensure printer cartridge chips have not fallen off. They should be intact to ensure the Epson printer functions properly.
  • Please remove all cartridges from the printer. Please ensure the cartridges are installed in the correct slots so that they help the user print properly. Click on the option use installed cartridge. This will allow you to print from the Epson printer. This will allow you to print properly from the Epson printer.

Installation steps may vary from printer to printer, install one cartridges or four cartridges depending on the printer model you choose.

Non genuine ink cartridges, most likely fail ink printer recognition, some printers recognize original cartridges so that it does not damage the Epson printer. The printer chip connecting the cartridge is damaged if the cartridge is not working.

There is a printer driver issue, when the driver of the printer is not installed correctly. Due to the Epson printer not having a proper driver will not allow the printer to print effectively. A print driver which is not working properly will always cause problems in printing from the Epson printer.

Steps to rectify the arisen problem for Epson printer does not print after changing ink and Epson Printer not Printing Black Ink

The best part of the Epson printer is that it has an instant customer support to resolve each and every issue related to the printer.

  • Restart the printer.
  • Reinstall and recalibrate the cartridge.
  • Now Please Make the connection of the Epson printer to the pc & make sure the cables and wires that how they are related to the computer.
  • Check Printer & PC Cable and make sure cable well secure connected directly
  • Also, check & ensure that your interface wired cable is compatible with printer or not & PC as well
  • Please ensure the cables used for a secure and stable connection are not damaged or torn.
  • Replace in case if anyone is damaged so that you can make a secure connection.
  • The cartridge need to be placed properly.
  • Print a test print from Epson press the hold button down and click on the press button, the power button, press the ink button now release the button. This light flashes, now you can print a test page for Epson printer.
  • Please check there is no damage on the Epson printer vent so that you can print properly. If the printer vents are damaged the Epson printer will not print properly.

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