Brother Printer not Connecting to Wifi Learn Here How to Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

Brother Printer not Connecting to Wifi Learn Here How to Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

Things to Remember Before Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

Before Start the Solution to connect brother printer to wifi we must know what type of problem occurs due to the fact that we are not able to connect brother printer to wifi.

Common Errors Occur To Connect Brother Printer with a wifi connection?

The most common error, which occurs when you try and connect the brother printer to wifi is that both the wifi router and your brother printer are placed at a distance which is more than the technically designed distance. As per the manufacturing team at Brother Printer the wifi range of the printer is 10 meters. If a user places both the wifi device and the brother printer at a larger distance then the printer will lose wifi connection very easily. 

The second critical point you need to keep in mind is the wifi router must receive signals. The solid green and blue lights denote that your router is wifi enabled. The problem is with your brother printer this is the reason it is not connected to wifi. 

This is how you connect the brother printer to wifi? Please make a note of the below steps. 

  • Switch off the power of brother printer, for one minute and then turn it back again. 
  • Let’s see if it’s connecting to the network or not.
  •  Let’s try and connect your brother printer to the wifi router. Using the WPS method. 

The other common errors while connecting the brother printer to wifi are as below, the issue can arise if the network setting is not accurate, the wifi username and password is faulty. The printer firmware needs to be updated. 

The wifi password and username can be reset by using the following steps: 

  • Please click on the Menu now go to the network using the down arrow. 
  • Now press the OK button, now click the WLAN and press ok. 
  • Using the up-down arrow key, press the setup wizard using the up and down arrow key, and now click on ok. 
  • When you see the wifi-enabled the option. 
  • You need to press yes. Now your brother printer wifi will automatically search for the wireless network. 
  • You need to select your network name and select ok. 
  • Now you need to type your password and click ok. 
  • Now please enter your password and click ok. 
  • This will complete the process of connecting the brother printer to the wifi.

Brother Printer Does Not Connect To Wifi Automatically: (brother printer won’t connect to wifi)

If the brother printer does not connect to the wifi automatically there is a need to reset the network settings for the wifi and brother printer to connect with each other. Switch on the power of your brother printer. Press the menu button, go and click the down arrow using the button and click ok. Click the no.1 button to reset the network process. Finally, your brother printer will begin the reset network activity. Once it completes you should try and connect your brother printer to the wifi. 

Additionally, you can follow the below steps to connect the brother printer to the wifi. 

  • Remove the power cord, from your brother printer and then press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. 
  • Now switch on the power of the Brother wireless printer, Go to the network and connect with the wifi network now. 

Many times you will face an issue that the wifi does not recognize the printer. You need to reset the network settings for the printer. After the network settings have been reset the printer setup wizard will recognize the brother printer. 

  • Turn off the printer, press and hold the Go button. 
  • As you turn on the power switch. All the LED lights light up. 
  • Then the status of the LED lights will turn off. Release the go button. 
  • All Led lights should now go off. Press the Go button six times All LED should light up now the printer will restart. The brother printer will now be recognized. 
  • Please connect your power chord to your brother printer then connect the electrical socket now connect the brother printer to the wifi. 
  • Press the menu button on the machine’s control panel. Press the up-down arrow key now click the WLAN and click OK. 
  • Press the up-down arrow key to select the menu button, now press OK. 
  • When WLAN is enabled select yes and enable the wifi network. Enable the wireless network this will start the wireless setup wizard. 
  • The machine will set up your network when a list of SSID appears. Once you connect the network key and password and save changes. 
  • Once you save changes you will receive a message the brother printer is connected to the wifi.

How to Connect Brother Printer to Computer: 

Please connect your computer to the wireless router or access point. Ensure you connect the brother printer to the wifi to which your computer is connected. Then ensure a secure connection is established between the brother printer and computer. Connect the Brother printer to the power cord turn on your computer and install the print driver so that the printer can accept the printing command. 

Restart your computer, Connect one end to the USB port and the other end to the port of the USB cable and then connect the opposite end of the USB cable to an available port on your computer. USB ports are connected to the rare of the USB port near the audio jack and the power cable. 

How to Connect Brother Printer to Laptop:

Go to the official website of Brother printer, scroll down and click the official page of the brother printer, click the download links in the left-hand side column. Select the printer from the select product group option. And drop-down menu Select your printer model now select the view button and proceed. Now click the link given below. Select the Laptop’s operating system, now select the language and search the desired language as per your native country. Connect the Laptop to the wifi and the printer to the same wifi. Install the printer driver for the smooth functioning of the laptop. Once these are installed save changes and restart your printer so that you can ensure the printer is installed properly and is working fine.

How to connect  Brother Printer to Wifi:  

Place the brother’s printer 2770 DW, printer in the range of wifi. Make sure the power chord is plugged in. Turn on the machine and ensure it is in a ready state. Hold down the WPS button, on your wireless LAN access point with the router on an access point button on your WLAN for a few seconds. Press the wireless setup button located at the back of the machine. Please refer to the instruction manual which comes along with your printer.  The wifi lights will blink once a secure connection is established the computer and the printer will provide a message it has been successfully connected to the system. You can install the driver from the website or the cd that comes with the printer. 

  • The HL brother printer can also be installed with the wifi router, how this is done. 
  • Please allow the network card of the printer to be reset through factory default. 
  • Please assign the IP address to the printer. Now configure the wireless card in the printer. Open the web browser on your computer.  


Here the detailed article about “How to connect Brother printer to wifi” might be useful to fix your problem sometime this problem arises on your computer or laptop, in that case, you must contact experts’ assistants at 1-855-788-2810.

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