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How To Setup HP Printer For AirPrint
how tosetup hp printer for airprint

How To Setup HP Printer For AirPrint

In this article, we can see the steps to set up the AirPrint option in your Hp printers. Here we provide you the steps to make the air printing option easier in all the HP printers. First, we can see what is AirPrint? The AirPrint is defined as the mobile printing option which is introduced by the Apple company. It allows us to print using this machine easily through wireless mode. For this, you need not want to download any driver software in order to print using the wireless mode.

HP AirPrint Setup: Steps to Set up & Enable HP printer for AirPrint

In this, we can see the steps for HP airprint setup print using the HP printer without connecting any wire between your phone and the printer.

  1. First, you need to check whether your printer is compatible with the feature of AirPrint. If it is available then we see the steps for how to set up hp printer for AirPrint easily.
  2. The AirPrint feature is available in operating systems such as Mac OS 10.7 or newer version and ios 4.2 or newer version.
  3. Connect on end of the power cord to the hp printer’s rear and the other end to the wall outlet. And then press the power button to ON your printer.
  4. Then wait for the printer starting process and then disconnect all the USB wires which are connected to the printer and the computer.
  5. Then select the wireless option on the printer’s control panel and then connect to the wireless network & for manual setup of hp printer you may visit here for hp wireless printer setup.
  6. After that, connect your Mac or ios OS on the same platform of the printer.
  7. Ensure that the printer has no additional connection other than the wireless connection.
  8. If the ios device fails to connect with the wireless network, then switch on the wireless direct option in your printer. For this, you need to open the wireless option on your ios device and then provide your printer’s name on the ios device.
  9. If your Mac OS fails to detect the wireless network of your printer, then open the system preference window. In that window click on the print and scan option. In that click on the plus sign and then select your printer.
  10. And then select the AirPrint option under the user section. In that click on the add option to add the printer to the printer queue. 
  11. Then open the document you need to print and click on the print icon to start printing.

These are the steps you need to follow for hp airprint setup  in your hp printer and start printing using the wireless network.

How to Setup AirPrint on HP Envy Printer?

HP Envy printer is one of the most efficient ways of printing option. This kind of printing is suitable for small business and home setups. For printing in the wireless mode using the envy printer you no need to install any special software for hp envy printer airprint setup for printing.  You can print using the Mac or ios devices easily by following the steps given below:

  1. In order to start the process of how to set up hp printer for AirPrint check whether your hp envy printer is compatible with the AirPrint feature.
  2. After ensuring the features of the printer, unplug all the USB cables connected to your printer and the devices.
  3. Switch on the printer and then connect your printer and the devices to the wireless network.
  4. In case if your ios devices not able to detect your printer devices then either do any one of the following processes: 
  5. In Mac, devices press the wireless direct option on your printer and provide the name of the printer in which you are going to take a print.
  6. In iOS devices, open the system preference window and select the print and the scan option. In that print provide the name of your printer.
  7. In the printer select the AirPrint option in the user menu. And check whether you have added your printing device to the devices.
  8. After setting up the above steps, check whether the connection by printing the sample documents.
  9. If your connection is secure, then select the number of pictures or documents you need to print using this device. And click on the print option.

These are the steps you need to follow to connect the envy hp printer.


HP AirPrint Setup Using the HP Deskjet Printer & HP Laserjet Printer

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HP Airprint Setup: This HP desk jet printer is suitable for both the small business and home usage. This printing option is both cost-effective and it involves low maintenance cost. The cost of printing pictures and documents can be done with less ink. The printing process involved in the desk jet printer is the same as the process of using the envy hp printer and the HP printer.

HP Airprint Setup: The laser jet printer can be used to print bulk documents using the wireless network. This printer saves your time of printing the documents or pictures one by one. This printing method is one of the best methods of printing the documents from anywhere and at any time without using the wires or cable. This HP laserjet printer is mainly designed to print bulk documents at a time. The process involved in setting up the Airprint option in your HP Laserjet is same as the process mentioned above. 

If you have any doubts or queries regarding the hp airprint setup, you can leave a comment below. The certified professionals of our hp printer assistant team will provide you complete guidance for setting up the feature of AirPrint.

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