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HP Laserjet Printer Setup & Installation Using Mac, Windows, Mobile, Cloud Print Setup

This write up is all about HP Laserjet printer setup/installation process on whatever device user have for setup after the purchasing it .

HP Laserjet printers operate quietly, without making much noise about their capabilities.  There is much professionalism required to install it or setup it. The HP Laserjet printer setup can be done by a novice.

Printer Support

The Initial HP Laserjet printer Setup And Installation

The user can setup without wasting time using this professional information.  A printer with such wonderful capabilities is hard to find at such a low price point. Moreover, it has so many different features.

  • One has to select a nice, airy place to install the printer. It should be devoid of dust particles as well. Vacuum the area well, to avoid dust. Moreover, it cannot be placed near a window, which get direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can destroy the printer. The device is ready for unpacking. Remember to keep it within temperatures of 32.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Take out the printer from the box and place it on the table or space.
  • The next step is to lift the scanner lid. There is foam in between that needs to be removed. Moreover, a shipping tape that keeps the parts secure needs to be removed as well.
  • In the next step, remove the toner cartridge from the pack.
  • Just, click open the cartridge slot and install the cartridge in its place. That is half the job done.
  • The next step, involves opening tray 2 and removal of the cardboards protecting the paper tray.
  • Adjust the paper width guides and load the paper. Close the door.
  • Next, one has to connect the cable to the printer.
  • Now, one has to plug in the cable and switch the printer on.
  • There will be a host of onscreen messages on the panel. One can set the language, time, date as well as the fax settings. One also has the liberty to select the size of the paper.
  • The media size can be modified from the control panel.
  • The IP address is printed on the test page that one prints.
  • A CD comes with the printer. Insert the CD into the printer and install it on the device.
  • Once, all these are done restart the computer. Even a no-brainer can install hp laserjet printer.

HP Laserjet Printer Driver Setup

User Need to Remember these Points while trying to setup HP Printer Driver Setup:

  • After the hardware has been set up, the software needs to be installed as well.
  • The software is available on the support site.
  • One has to click on the download driver link and download all necessary packages.

First Time HP Laserjet Printer Setup

Thee Instruction must follow when User available for HP Laserjet Printer Setup:

  • When the printer is being brought, it needs to be taken out from its protective package. There is a list that mentions all the peripherals that came with it.
  • Now it is time to remove the tape from the top of the lid of the scanner. There is tape on the ink cartridge area as well. One needs to remove that as well.
  • There is a packaging tape on the paper tray door. The tape has to be removed and the tray moved forward.
  • Turn on the printer next.
  • Now, select the desired language from the control panel. Then, select the country. Press OK after each step.
  • In the next step, load the paper onto the paper tray.
  • The sliders need to be adjusted, Push the paper tray loaded with the paper inside. It will make a ‘click’ sound, once it is in place.
  • There is an access door on the printer, through which ink cartridges can be loaded.
  • All the ink cartridges can be fixed in place, in the same manner. Make sure, that the printer is in silent position, when the cartridges are being loaded.
  • Close the access door and let the cartridge slot align itself.
  • The last step, is to click on print and see the test page.

Anyone can do the hp laserjet printer setup windows. One just needs to research a bit and carry on the task. The HP Laserjet printer was first introduced into the market in the year 2001, that is almost 19 years ago.  The company HP had made this printer Laserjet 1000, when Windows 2000 and XP ruled the market. However, one can make it work on Windows 7, but with a few tricks. They do not work together with a native driver.

The first step is to open a new browser and open Konica Minolta Business solutions. There is a product category, where one needs to select the Desktop printer. There must be some confusion, as to why this process is being followed.

  • One can select the Magicolor 2430DL-Drivers-Windows 7 64-bit, driver. These drivers are not generic and can be used with the HP Laserjet printer and Windows 7.
  • Then next step is to click on ‘mc2430DL win7 x64 v2024200.zip’ and download the file to the computer. Click on the file to open it and unzip the contents to the folder ‘C:\PrinterDriver.’
  • After this, certain steps have to be followed. Now open the control panel. Then choose the Device manager, and select the printer name and right click on it to update the software driver.
  • The next step is to click on ‘Browse My Computer for Driver Software,’ browse to ‘C:\PrinterDriver’ and click ‘Next.’ Then, click ‘OK’ to complete the driver installation. The next step will be to reboot the computer.
  • Now, restart the computer and choose the LaserJet from device and printers. Go for Win Print raw and save the changes, by clicking on OK. the device may have been renamed Minolta quite automatically. However, as long as one knows about it, it should not pose a problem.
  • The next few steps are self-explanatory with everything being displayed onscreen. The hp laserjet printer setup windows is quite easy.

The HP Laserjet printer setup mac guide is here now. One should know that HP never released a OS X driver for Laserjet 1000. Many people have tried to install it on Mac, but failed miserably. However, there is nothing today that one cannot accomplish. Currently, many companies are working on removing this limitation and have succeeded.  Guide to the HP Laserjet printer setup mac can now be obtained. Read on to know more about it.

Steps to Set It Up With Driver Installation:

  • One has to ensure that the printer is connected to the Mac system, with the help of the USB port. Then, switch the power on.
  • The next step is to reboot the Mac system.
  • Then, open the DMG file for the driver, that was extracted to facilitate this operation.
  • One needs to execute the PKG file inside the DMG file. It is time to complete the entire installation process.
  • Open the printer center in the next step. Click the Add button, while holding the ALT key.
  • Choose Advanced. Then, click on the printer name that appears in the drop down list.
  • Then, choose the Zenographics SDK Mono CUPS v1.1 from printer model and click Add.
  • Now, anyone can do the Laserjet setup for mac.

These are one of the few ways, one can make the Laserjet work with Mac. There are others as well. Computer fanatics are coming up with new ways, every now and then.

Now, anyone can do the setup of the hp laserjet printer setup mac.

HP Laser printer Google Cloud Print

The HP Laserjet Printer Google Cloud Print setup service is completely free and allows one to print documents from any device, by sending the document to the cloud. There is no need for any driver download or software download for this feature.

Steps To Follow For Cloud Printing:

  • Now cloud print is here. The computer needs to have any browser and an OS to enable the user to access this function.
  • The next step is to create an account on Google.
  • One needs to connect the printer to the LAN network, where the device is connected.
  • Then, turn the HP Laserjet printer on. Sign in to the Google Account from Chrome browser.
  • Now, go to Advanced settings on the settings window, and click on the manage button.
  • Now, select the Google Cloud Print.
  • There are various options now. One can register the device, that is connected in the new devices section.
  • In other situations, the printer also shows under My Devices.

Printing Documents from HP Laserjet

    • Start the Chrome browser, and sign in to the Google account.
    • Click on print and then select the file, by using Cloud Print jobs options.
    • Then, the file has to be selected from My Computer.
    • Open the document and click on print.

    The process is that easy. The software for the printer installation is available online. All one has to do is click the link for setup. This is how the setup on Laserjet Google Cloud Print can be done. It is fast and hassle-free.

HP Laserjet Smartphone Setup Instructions

The user can give print outs from all over the globe.  With the Laserjet 1000 cloud capabilities, geography is not a hindrance anymore.

The user has to send an email to the printer’s web printing address. This will enable the function. The user need not use any kind of driver or software.

Now, the smartphone or mobile device is the ultimate tool. The HP Laserjet 1000 installation guide can assist users now. Now, easily print and manage jobs from any location.

HP Laserjet Printer Eprint Setup

In order to access the ePrint feature, follow the hp laserjet printer ePrint setup steps below:

  • It is a ePrint service that is completely free. This allows one to print from any location.
  • One has to get an email attached to the printer. This will start the web printing.
  • Drivers and softwares are not required for the purpose. One can use the 123.hp.com/setup and set up mobile printing.
  • Now, one can sign in and also view print job status from anywhere.

Steps To Set Up ePrint

  • The first step is to connect the computer or the mobile to the internet.
  • One needs to activate the web services in the first place, on the HP printer on 123.hp.com/setup
  • The next step is to press the ePrint button the control panel.
  • Accept the terms and conditions, as this is an important thing to follow.
  • The next step is to enable the web services by following the control panel instructions.
  • Print a test page, to check whether it has been configured with the system or not.
  • One needs to find the printer’s email address.
  • One can find the printer’s email address from the ePrint button. In the Web Services menu, click on Display Email Address.
  • The user can now also customize the email address according to the needs by visiting 123.hp.com/setup.
  • The ePrint service can be operated very easily now.

The printer has so many features, that users can utilize it for unlimited jobs now. The HP Laserjet printer eprint setup is out there, and ready to help all the small-time users and entrepreneurs.

Air Print Technology Today

This Air Print technology can help Apple devices to print to wireless printers in the same internet network. It is the fastest and easiest solution to the confusion created by Bluetooth and printer drivers pairing. Today, most manufacturers are creating devices that are Air Print-compatible. While also supporting other wireless printing standards. One does not need to buy any Apple-device-only printer to avail this service.

To use an AirPrint printer, one has to connect the device to the wireless network like a Wi-Fi Printer and connect it to the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or Mac computer. In order to print, just select the printer from the list.

This is a very convenient technology, but supports only Apple devices.

There a few things that need to be present for this arrangement to work properly. They are:

  • A steady Wi-Fi network, that facilitates the signals.
  • The next requirement is a Mac OS X or iOS device.
  • The third one is a wireless Air print printer i.e. HP over here.

Only a few brands have this facility today and HP is amongst them.

So, as an Apple device owner, there are a number of bonus points. With this much in-demand, Air Print technology, one can print almost anything from any iOS device. There are webpages, maps, photos, documents and even some third-party apps. Some of the apps includes –Evernote, Safari, Google maps, Instapaper, iWork and more. There is so much functionality, one will be spoilt for choice.

HP Air Print Setup on HP Laserjet 1000

The 123.hp.com/hp-laserjet-1000 AirPrint is the mobile printing solution that is compatible with Apple devices. One can now print from iPod, iPhone and iPad to this HP LaserJet printer in no time.

There are certain things that need to be checked, before proceeding any further.

  • The compatibility of the printer has to be checked at first.
  • List of compatible apps include Safari, PDFs, and other third-party apps.
  • The Air Print availability has to be checked on the firmware.

There are a few apps that need to be checked for compatibility.


The Laserjet 1000 is doing really brisk business, which is very predictable. The low price point is actually attracting a lot of attention, in the market. Moreover, it works quietly and that is a bonus for homes and small offices. Thus, there is less of sound pollution. Moreover, users are giving good reviews for the product. It seems to be a fast printer at the price point. The paper handling capacity is also commendable. Furthermore, it is easy to operate. Thus, the easy setup process and the fast installation makes it a great home-use printer.  The Laserjet Printer Setup windows, and other relevant guides make operations even easier than before. One can utilize the HP Laserjet ePrint set up and cloud set up as easily as ever, now.

Now, coming to the main point of this printer. The one point that needs to be mentioned over here, is that the cartridge refiling is quick. Refiling the cartridge is very easy and the cartridge also lasts very long after refiling. People have not faced many issues over the same. It is one of the distinguishing features of the printer. The positive features are the printer is simple and user-friendly. The resolution is around 600*600 and it has 125-sheet output tray, and a 250-sheet input tray. The printer is great for printing constantly, without break. Moreover, there is no warmup time that is required.

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