Brief Guide on HP Printer Error Codes Lists

hp printer error codes list

Hewlett Packard printers, an American printing brand has been all over the Indian market thanks to its multiple ranges as personal, shared virtual and 3D printers and competitive prices. But just as a coin has two sides similarly HP printers aid the user to operate it smoothly to their best use but at times one is faced with some of the other technical issues.This issue is it hardware or software is displayed by the error codes.These error codes make it clear for the user to identify the problem and rectify it accordingly. In order to find a solution to the issue user should be adept with the meaning of the error codes. In the subsequent section, we have divided the Hp Printer error codes into 5 groups. Understand the language of these codes to troubleshoot them at the time of printing difficulty.

HP Printer Numeric Error Codes 0 to 19:

We have clubbed these hp printer error codes as the main issue that leads to these errors are either a paper jam or a stuck or maybe broken sensor lever. Perform visual inspection and clear all the paper jams. For defected sensor lever , clear the jammed paper if any and check for all the sensors to ensure that the printing operations take place smoothly.

HP Printer Numeric Error Code 20 to 49:

These set of errors appear due to the problem of bulk work handed over to the printing system than it can accommodate, printer unable to understand data that is much too complex for the system and the last issue being the feeding of wrong paper type or size in the printer. To get rid of the error message and get your work done press the “go” button provided on the printer. Obtain a good memory for the printer to get the job done smoothly and ensure that you put the paper type and size appropriate for your printer series.

HP Printer Numeric Error Codes 50 to 59

These set of error occurs due to fuser problems or some issue with the line voltage on which the printer receives the electricity to operate. To troubleshoot this error remove your printing system from the UPS power supply and connect it to any of the wall outlets.Check whether the error gets corrected, if not use another source of power supply.Once connected with an alternate power source which is by no means in contact with the one being used previously,  check the line voltage at the location of the printer and ensure that it fits well with the electrical specifications. Set it according to the electrical specifications and succeed in troubleshooting this error.

HP Printer Numeric Error Codes 60 Onwards:

These set of printing errors occur due to reasons as a problem with the memory of your system, scan buffering error or need to replace the outdated Firmware software responsible for monitoring, controlling and manipulating the data to be printed.As solutions to these a user need to rectify to reset the Dual In-Line Memory Module (DIMM)  or replace the existing one for attaining a better memory for the printing functions. A cold reset needs to be performed in order to scan the buffer error.

HP Printer Text error messages A-Z:

There is just no jargon attached to these errors. Text errors are easy to decode and rectify as they mention the entire issue that the printing system is putting up with. Sometimes these errors also provide solutions to rectify the error.

Hope the present article helps our readers to easily decode the HP Printer not printing error jargons and troubleshoot the same in the most efficient way. However, for additional support Contact official site.

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