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10 Common Printing Issues With HP Printer & Their Solutions
hp printing issues

10 Common Printing Issues With HP Printer & Their Solutions

HP Printer Not Printing - 10 Common Issues & Solution

An American printing brand Hewlett Packard founded in 1984, has been dominating the printing market now for too long. Its high demand is owing to its competitive rates, plenty varieties varying from personal, shared, virtual and 3D models suiting the customer’s needs.Just like any technical equipment, printers too are prone to repairing and failure. .We have prepared this particular article to acquaint the readers with top 10 common HP printing problems when hp printer not printing, while also laying down the ways to fix the same. Read the HP troubleshooting guide for top 10 problems below:

1. HP Printer Not Printing - System Refuses To Print

problem-in-printing-confusion 10 Common Printing Issues With HP Printer & Their Solutions

Several times hp printer refuses to carry out its function without notifying the user, in such a situation check for its proper connection with your computer, network connectivity and in case of a wireless system, be sure to check the wifi signal and its proper connectivity to your system

2. Facing Repeated Issue Of Paper Jam Issue?

clear-paper-jam 10 Common Printing Issues With HP Printer & Their Solutions

Another most common printing problem occurs when your hp printer not printing due to printer gets jammed. Reasons for the jam are the unkept printer, dirty papers being employed for printing task, paper not being aligned in the system properly and probably the worn down condition of the rollers on the system. Rectify these issues and evade the hp printer not printing problem.

3. Slow Printing Process Agitates You - HP Printer Won't Printing

worried-about-slow-printing 10 Common Printing Issues With HP Printer & Their Solutions


Slow printing process becomes much of a tedious process. To avoid such an experience you might want to avoid double-sided printing as it generally slows down the printing procedure. Shifting the “Draft printing mode” also helps to resolve hp printer not printing issue. For many substantial effects add RAM to your system.

4. Worrying About The Low Quality Of The Printed Text .

get-low-quality-printing-problem 10 Common Printing Issues With HP Printer & Their Solutions


Lately, if the low quality of the printed text has been bothering you, look for the print settings and turn down the “Draft mode” and make sure that the type of paper you are putting to use is exactly the same as the type of paper on the screen. In case of your laser printer, you can take the cartridge out and shake it from the edges before replacing it. For the users of in jet printer, cleaning the nozzle and properly aligning the print head from printer’s maintenance menu might works wonders.

5.Upset With The Low Quality Of The Printed Pictures .Read on:

Poor quality pictures results to reasons as using inappropriate paper type, running short of one color leading to picture discoloration, outmoded ink cartridges, unclean noozle and wrong alignment of papers. Stay careful of these factors and avoid any hazy pictures.

6. Ghosting Error:


Another prominent printing issue arises for hp printing not printing, when the exact same copy of your printed text gets copied at another place in a much lighter text, this error is referred to as “Ghosting”.This can be corrected by ensuring that the power outlet supplying power to the printer is in place and replaced the outdated instruments as drum or imaging kit leading to ghosting error.

7. HP Printer Not Printing Because System Using The Wrong Tray To Print


Printing might get disrupted when the printer chooses the wrong printing tray. This can be rectified in both computer and printing system. In the computer, select the application to set the right printing tray by selecting “Printer properties” and looking for the tray selection source. In the printing system ensure that the paper size in the control panel is just exactly to that in the paper trays.

8. Faded Print on The Page:

fix-faded-hp-printers-issues 10 Common Printing Issues With HP Printer & Their Solutions

HP Printer not printing correctly, Another troublesome issue is the faded print which occurs under the conditions when the print density of the system is set too low, the system’s toner is set to low or Economode printing feature is turned on. As a solution turn off the Economode feature, set the print density higher and remove the cartridge and shake well to evenly distribute toner equally or best replace your cartridge for best results.

9. HP Printer Picking Up Bulk Papers - HP Printer Not Printing Issues

If your printing system picks up set of papers to print rather than taking it one by one, the most obvious reason could be a dilapidated pad that separates the pages, wet papers, papers not being stacked in a proper manner. Be sure to align the good condition papers properly and replace the worn out pad for satisfactory printout!

10. HP Printer Not Printing Because Wireless Printing Takes Too Long:

If you use a wireless printer and your HP printer won’t connect to wifi? Make sure that your printer is in proximity to the router and that wifi router supports802.11n and provides the facility of both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands. Another prerequisite for good wireless connection is the proper operation of your firmware.

hp-printer-issues-solution 10 Common Printing Issues With HP Printer & Their Solutions


With all the points discussed above a user can also make advantageous use of the HP installed feature of “HP Printer Support Assistant” for any queries related to the system’s use you can

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