7 Common HP Printer Toner Cartridge Printing Defects

A printer has become a really essential medium in our daily lives. It is now used in almost every sphere of our world be it education, office or business environment. Depending upon the user’s requirement, HP printers come in three major categories; “Inkjet” and “Laserprint” & “officejet”. Both these use a separate set of components to operate and work on different techniques altogether..


HP Printer Cartridge Toner Printing Defect Troubleshooting


An hp inkjet printer uses ink droplets onto the paper, plastic or other sorts of sheets to recreate a digital image. They are used widely and its models vary from an inexpensive to a professional one.

HP Laserjet printer on the other hand just as the name suggests makes use of laser technology wherein laser beams are passed on over a cylinder called “Drum” from where the image is transferred to paper for the final results. Just as inkjet makes use of ink, laserjet uses a toner to print. Both versions have their own set of pros and cons. However, in this particular article, we will be confining ourselves to talk of laser printer’s toner 7 common problems and their solution.

Common HP Printer Toner Cartridge Printing Defects Causes & Solutions

1. Uneven Print Text :Getting faded, blotchy and lined text? Such text quality can mar the overall impression of your print. It thereby becomes beneficial for the user to have the basic knowledge to handle such a scenario. The basic causes behind such print quality are the unclean or unkept printer’s laser mirror or a transfer roller that needs urgent replacement. Other prominent causes include defective cartridge if everything seems well with a cartridge the problem might lie with the “Drum unit” that need replacement with an effective one. Rare usage of printer makes the toner freeze and creates a disturbance when used, as a solution to it take the toner out and gently rock it from the side without actually touching the toner roll to avoid any further problems with the system.

2. Not Receiving Good Quality Print ? This Section is for You to Read: If your expectation of the print quality you see on screen is not fulfilled by the print quality you actually receive from the system, then it is all about the picture resolutions that differ between the two. The possible easy to rectify solutions include adjusting the color levels, brightness, and contrast in the printer settings. Increase the quality of print in the printer “Properties “ menu and make sure you use a good quality paper that goes with your printer settings like a glossy or a low gloss or maybe a matte paper meeting the printer requirements.

3.Receiving Grey Text Instead of Black! : A grey text instead of your required black one is due to either inappropriate print density setting or a faulty photoreceptor that needs to be replaced. Increase your print density to enable black instead of gray text. However, here’s a catch! An excess toner from high density may lead to grey text yet again, so be careful while adjusting the density. After adjusting the density if you still don’t receive any respite regarding the hp printer not printing black text problem then your photoreceptor needs to be replaced.

4.Uneven Spots on the Printed Paper Sheet: Another frequent toner problem that is faced by the user is the visibility of spots on the printed page. These spots transpire when the cartridge toner deposits on the fuser that in turn leaves spots on regular and close spacing. To visually check for the toner deposit switch your printing machine off and let the fuser cool down and thereafter check for any toner deposits if you find any the only solution is to replace it in order to carry on with printing functions smoothly.

5. Paper Jam, Another Common Toner Issue : Paper jam issue can be mitigated by these following steps:

    1. Perform a light visual inspection of the pathway through which paper passes inside the printer. In case you find a stuck paper, try to pull it out gently without any tear to evade any further trouble.
    2. Checking whether you are using the right paper in accordance with your system.
    3. Be wary of using a damp sheet for the printing purpose and store the paper stack in a dry moisture-free place.

6. Recurring “Low Toner” Warning: Wondering why you receive low toner warning after getting your cartridge toner refilled lately! This mostly happens when the toner gets stuck to the walls of the cartridge a gentle shake might work for you as it would equally redistribute the toner all over the cartridge. If not necessary avoid the use of colored toner as they have less page yield than black toners. As a last piece of information, continue with your printing task till you see your printed text fading as systems generally alert you much before the toner actually is on verge of finish.

7. Receiving Half Page Printouts? Maybe a Toner Issue: Half page printouts can be a result of either drum unit issue or a toner related issue. As a first step towards rectifying the same unplug the computer and printing system and restart it after at least a minute if the problem still persists replacing the toner cartridge to carry on with your printing operations!

Conclusion –  

Hope this writeup helps you in troubleshooting some common toner cartridge problems. For additional support make use of Hp Support Assistant feature in your system.

Happy printing!

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