How To Use Hp Smart App For Easy Setup, Effortless Printing

The HP smart app needs to be connected to the same wireless network as your printer. Please install the application then please tap on the application and click on start. Read and accept the terms and conditions, please tap to continue, the app searches for printers in the available network then please add your printer to the app.

Once it has been added you can fire a test print. This will help you test the application. This app is used to print scan copy troubleshoot printing issues, also allows the user to set up hp printer on the wireless network. In order to successfully install a printer through HP Smart app it is essential that you have an updated Android phone; you also require an active internet connection, an hp printer which is turned on; please have a wireless password and passkey this is so that the network you are connected on is secure in nature.  

Open a web browser on your Android phone, type “” on the search bar. The official hp website will not charge any services click on the option which says get the app. Post the app is installed please tap the icon to open it. Once you open the app a welcome page will appear tap the terms and conditions and then click on start. 

To detect the printer through the app the printer must be in setup mode. Setup mode activates automatically after you turn ON the printer for the first time. But if your HP printer Shows offline message then restart the whole process once again, If the printer has been in the switched on mode for more than 2 hours to cross check whether or not it is in the setup mode you can setup the network settings available in the printer menu. 

Please read the instruction manual carefully before setting up the printer to the app. For all printers with buttons please press the cancel button to wake up the printer from sleep mode. Press cancel and wireless network button together to setup the network settings. For printers with an LCD display select network settings from the navigation menu and then select restore network settings. For X printers press the wifi key for 5 to 6 seconds so that the settings option can be navigated. For printers with obsolete technology select the wireless network wizard mode to setup the printer. For other printers you can use the WPS mode on the router to connect the printer. Please tap the + sign to add your printer to HP Smart. App detects the printers connected to the same wifi network. Select your printer from the list provided in case no printers are listed tap setup a new printer. This will show you your printer select it by tapping the printer. 

If dialogue box opens enter the wireless network key. Once this key is entered you can click on continue. The install the cartridge in the printer by opening the cartridge access door installed in appropriate cartridge slots till they click. Close cartridge to access door then click on continue to setup. Ensure the paper is loaded appropriately in the printer to carry out the printouts. Please adjust the paper guides well to avoid paper jams in printers. 

Advantages of HP Smart App

HP Smart app offers an effortless solution for your printing needs with the advancement in technology you can setup this app in your android phone with the above mentioned process or use tutorials given on this will assist you to print scan and copy from your phone in an easy quick and cost effective way. No more tangled cables required all you need is to follow the instructions given in a step by step manner so that the printer can be connected to your phone and you can send a print command from anywhere in your house or in your work space. Ensure your and printer are connected on the same device. Install printer app click on start check the printer from the network. Accept all related terms and conditions so that the printer is properly connected and ready for printing. 

Open the HP application locate the document available for printing select the document available for printing preview the same in print preview settings adjust the document and fire a print. It further assists you to select an ink cartridge; you can access the tools and reports you can view the printer reports, you can adjust the pages by accessing quality tools to adjust print quality effectively.

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