Learn the Process of Installation of Canon Printer Without the CD.

Installation of Canon Printer Without the CD

A multinational company, Canon manufactures a range of products comprising the camera, camcorders, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded on 10 August 1937 with the joint efforts of Takashi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Takeo Maeda, and Saburo Uchida. There are many reasons for potential buyers to choose Canon printing brand over others, some of those reasons are to its high security, innovative technology, excellent scanning quality, high printing speed, and environment-friendly printing technology.


Just like all printer brands Canon Printer come with a setup cd to help the users to easily connect their device to their respective computers. Depending upon the printer version and models, this Canon Printer setup cd may include some extra applications related to printing. Setup cd is one of the most convenient ways to connect the printer to the system, but due to reasons such as losing of cd or unavailability or cd reader in the user’s system requires the user to install canon printer without cd. This writeup has been planned for exactly this reason.

Install Canon Printer Without CD Using a USB Cable on Windows:

installation of canon printer without cd on mac

This is quite a lengthy process but following it you can easily install canon printer without cd in case you don’t have it in your reach. Make a careful note of the below-mentioned steps.

  • Make a connection between your Windows Computer & Canon Printer with the help of USB Cable.

  • From the “Start” option on your computer screen, look for “Devices and Printers”.

  • On the fresh window that you are now taken to right click on your printer icon and select”Properties”.

  • Confirm the name and model number of your Canon Printer device and press”OK” and minimize the present screen.

  • Now once again go to the “Start” button and click on “Computer” and right click on it and select “Manage” out of the given options.

  • On a new window that opens, on the leftmost corner look for “Device manager” and click it.Click on “Other devices” out of the options presented.

  • On the same window right click on your model and select”Update Driver Software”.

  • On the very next window that appears click on the option of  “Browse my computer for driver software”.

  • On the next window click the option, ”Let me pick from the Canon drivers on my computer”.Thereafter select the “Printer” option and click next.

  • On the next window out of the driver’s list, select your printer driver and click “Next”.

  • Keep following the few last sets of ongoing instructions and click “Next”.

  • After a few steps, select “Finish” once you see a message on the screen saying “You have successfully added your printer”.

  • After the previous step, restart your pc after performing a single print test.

  • Once the Canon printer is restarted, from the “Start” menu right click on “Devices and printers” and select “Printer properties”.

  • Now in continuity to the previous step, click on “Print test page” on the same screen and you are done with the installation process on your Windows computer.


Install Canon Printer Without CD Using a USB Cable on Mac Computer:

The installation process on Mac computer to canon printer is just the same as on Windows (as discussed above). Readers should, however, make note that after install canon printer without cd to MAC. To do that go to the “System Preferences” and click “Printers and Scanners”.Thereafter look for your printer model and add it by selecting on “Add” button.

Apart from the CD installation, installation of the printer using the above-discussed method, there is yet another way to install your Canon printer software to your system .Built in Drivers in the system is one such way to perform the basic printing function. This would save you from the trouble of downloading and installing a driver for your device.As a drawback for the users, these built-in drivers only work with the Canon printers that support a USB connection and also does not support any special features that the printing device provides.


Hop the above writeup comes to your best use while installing your Canon printer software without the cd. For additional information about Canon Printer Offline Issue Visit Our other blog article for same & for assistance we recommend you to contact the Canon printer support phone number or their email provided on the Canon official website.


Happy printing!

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