Why is My HP Printer Not Printing After Changing Ink Cartridge?


Recently you faced HP printer issues. Somehow you figured out it was on account of cartridge and so you just managed to change the cartridge. Even after changing the cartridge with a new one, you face new ink cartridge not printing hp.

There are several pending tasks that you want to complete. There are documents that need to be printed immediately, and so you want to resolve the issue instantly. The moment you replaced the old cartridge with a brand new one, you expected the printer to be working perfectly.

But somehow that did not happen. You still face the same new ink cartridge not printing hp issue that it is not printing again. There are two possibilities here:

  • One of the first possibilities is that the printer is not well.
  • The second possibility is that you have done something wrong and so it is not functioning perfectly.

The fact that you need to keep in mind is that printer is a smart device and so it identifies the printer ink cartridge. The printer is still not ready to believe that the cartridge is not empty and so the ink is not responding. This is one of the most common problems people face the moment they replaced HP printer cartridge jam on their own. You probably have missed out something.

New Ink Cartridge Not Printing HP Problem Persist Again & Again:

The foremost things that you need to check are the printer cartridge tape. There are manufacturers who usually provide new HP printer cartridge with a small adhesive tape. This is a type of check tape that is placed at the nozzle opening to check with overflowing ink. 

This protective tape is commonly placed in most new HP printer cartridges. The preventive tape prevents the outflow of the printer ink from the nozzle area. This is generally done at the time of shipment by the manufactures. 

So if you had not approached any professional technician to replace the printer cartridge, then you might not have removed the tape. If you missed removing this tape then probably the printer ink is blocked. This means that the printer is not getting sufficient ink at the nozzle area & your hp printer not printing again then you have to start printing back again, you have to remove the adhesive tape and reinstall the cartridge back again.

Reset function Needs To Be Performed For New Ink Cartridge Not Printing HP

Reset function Needs To Be Performed For New Ink Cartridge Not Printing HP​

In case you have just replaced the old cartridge with the new one, then there are chances that the printer does not recognize the new cartridge. So the counter is still reading the ink as empty. There are several HP printers that you may come across that are provided with a reset option. Once this feature has been triggered then the printer immediately identifies the new cartridge.

If you face new ink cartridge not printing hp problem again, then you have to reset the printer option back to new cartridge, so the printer identifies it. To perform this function you have to hold the Eject or Load option for few seconds. The moment you lift the cartridge clamp you have to ensure that the cartridge is secured.

Avoid removing the cartridge back again and still press the Ejector Load button back again. Now go to reset cartridge option and press it back again, so the printer identifies the new cartridge.

Once this function has been performed, the printer should start printing back again as normal.

Run Back Printer Cartridge Cleaning Cycle Back Again To Solve New Ink Cartridge Not Printing HP

In case there is some blockage in the printer nozzle then it is certain that it has to be cleaned so ink can flow out of it normally. This has to be performed even if the new cartridge was not in use for a long time. The ink might have been clogged, and so it does not flow out normally.

You can try best by running an extended cleaning cycle. This simple process will help new ink cartridge not printing hp & HP printer to identify the new cartridge and then start printing back again. Each HP printer is certainly provided with extended cleaning button that has to be pressed for certain seconds.

Once the cycle has been performed, you should certainly try and test print a few pages to see the results of your printing.

If the printer is facing refill cartridge problems:

There are also chances that you may be facing a refill cartridge problem. This is most common new ink cartridge not printing hp problem if you have not purchased a new cartridge. The moment you refill back the old cartridge then the ink gets clogged in the nozzle area. To effectively start using the printer back again you may have to mix the ink perfectly in the toner or you may get it on our other blog named fix hp printer carriage jam issues. Performing a test print after cleaning the nozzle should help in resolving the problem.

Even after this, you face that the hp printer is not functioning perfectly then try and visit a professional technician.

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