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What are the Main Reasons for the Canon Printer Not Printing:

canon-printer-not-printing What are the Main Reasons for the Canon Printer Not Printing:

Why My Canon Printer Not Printing Properly

Advancement in technology and modern day printing have led several market players to launch a range of economical yet effective printing. The key reasons for the canon printer not being able to printer at a critical time are given below: 

  • The print jobs are stuck in printer queue. 
  • The paper jams disable the printer’s ability to print. 
  • The faulty drivers or wireless connection do not allow the printer to print. 
  • Power to the printer is fluctuating 
  • The mobile printing app is not synced with the canon printer. 
  • Printer firmware and firewall are not installed correctly. 
  • Canon printer drivers are not updated from time to time.
  • The paper loaded in the printer does not match the size of the printer. 
  • The printer is not able to establish a secure connection with the network wifi. 
  • The shared network is unable to view your printer in the specified range. 
  • Too many printers in the same network may not print due to network jam. 
  • Canon printers are not compatible with outdated software. 
  • The Passphrase a network key is faulty in nature.
  • The passwords configured are incorrect. 
  • The Cartridge vents are faulty in nature. 
  • The printer heads of the printer are dusty and need maintenance and cleaning. 

The above are the key reasons for the canon printer not printing let’s discuss them in detail.

Troubleshooting-Guide-For-Canon-Printer-Not-Printing What are the Main Reasons for the Canon Printer Not Printing:

Troubleshooting Guide For Canon Printer Not Printing

If print jobs are stuck in print queue this needs to be cleared by going to the printer settings and then opening the printer queue and clear the faulty print jobs which are tampering the printing experience. 

You need to clear the paper jams to open the printer cover loosen the cartridge header remove the paper that is stuck.  Now reinstall the cartridge then reset or recalibrate the printer. 

Please ensure the drivers installed are not faulty in nature. In case this is so you need to update download and reinstall the correct printer driver which works effectively with a printer. 

The canon printer often will not be able to print due to faulty power connection. This faulty power connection will always create issues while you are printing. The mobile printing app does not sync with the printer well you need to ensure that the app auto selects your printer and scans the documents and then prints the same.  

Canon printer drivers need to be updated from time to time for the printer to function in a good way. It is very important that printer drivers are updated from time to time so that the printer can print effectively.

The printer has the paper rim that has been loaded in the printer. This paper rim should be loaded efficiently and effectively so that the paper is pulled in by the printer while printing.   

Sometimes in a workspace scenario too many laptops and desktops are connected to the same network. This step may cause an issue of network. If the network gets jammed this may result in a faulty printing scenario.

Many times may have to manually select a printer from the range. As the network installed in your laptop may not be able to detect the printer available in range sometimes due to issues related to the connectivity. Also to add on further to this issue the network jam also arises when printers of the similar kind which are too many in number are connected to the same network. If your printer is not set as a default printer you will never be able to connect well with network as the laptop may keep searching the correct printer to print from. 

Windows Mac and Ipad ask for constant updates in software this updation assist you to print the documents photos and media files smoothly in a smooth way. The other issue that can arise is when the passphrase which is the network key if this is not configured properly the printer will not correct properly to the system. 


The printer heads are dirty and need cleaning, also the cartridge vent is not cleaned properly this will not allow you to print properly. In a laser printer you need to evenly distribute the cartridge and the toner to print properly.

Effective Ways to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Issues

effective-ways-to-fix-canon-printer-not-printing-issues What are the Main Reasons for the Canon Printer Not Printing:

Please read the printer manual carefully follows the offline and online instructions to setup and configure the printer to your device appropriately. You can also visit the canon website to download the online instruction manual to configure and setup the printer. 

Ensure that the wireless canon printer is set up with the available wifi connection at all times. The IP address of the printer and the system need to be configured in such a way that both IP address match each other. 

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Always ensure the canon printer is never used occasionally this will not let you use the printer when in need and print jobs will always get stuck in the printer. Please click on the printer menu to clear the printer queue so that the printer can print the work effectively. 

Open the printer head and remove the paper jam so that printer can give the print outs when you need them. As a user you also need to replace and replenish the ink cartridge as per your requirement always recalibrate the printer when the cartridge is reinstalled so that the printer can print effectively.

You can always use the draft mode when you are printing projects or letters that require several changes. This will help you save the ink and not utilise too much of ink. Servicing the printer from time to time also helps you to maintain the printer at all times. 

Please ensure when you clean the printer heads clean it manually so that you don’t use much ink.   If you use the automatic cleaning you will end up using so much of ink. 



Canon printers use smart and effective ways of printing the mobile app allows the user to print remotely. This feature allows to print from any smart device and the printer there is no need for a wired connection always a wireless one will work. 

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