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A Comprehensive Guide on 'Brother Printer Offline' issue Along With It's fix

Brother printers are cost-effective printers that provide up to mark printing. In addition to printing, a user can copy and scan from the printer works through a USB and also a wireless connection.

In Brother printers, the offline error occurs once in a while. This writeup talks about the reasons for this error along with their solutions. We have explained ‘how to fix why is Brother printer says offline issue’ for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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Most Common Reasons Leading to the Brother Printer Goes Offline issue

The Brother printer keeps going offline due to multiple reasons which include-

  • Paper jam error

brother printer Paper jam error

  • Ink toner blockage
  • Error in the network connection between your computer and printer.
  • Corrupted or outdated printer drivers .
  • If the printers ‘ use offline mode’ is selected, it may also show the offline error.
  • Wrong printer settings.

That’s How You Can Fix Brother Printer Offline error on Windows 10

The first and foremost thing which you need to do is uncheck the ‘use Why Brother printer goes offline’ option if it has been selected. This can be done by following the below-mentioned steps to fix brother Printer is offline windows 10

  • Firstly open the control panel from the start button and click on ‘devices and printer’ option.

device and printer option

  • Now right click on the brother’s print icon and click on ‘see what is printing’.

right click on the brother’s print icon and click on see what is printing

  • Thereafter click on printer option from the top of the windows and check if there is any checkmark on ‘use printer offline’. If there is a checkmark, uncheck it by clicking on it.

brother printer offline

  • Turn off the printer and disconnect the USB of the printer.

Turn off the printer and disconnect the USB of the printer.

  • Now once again turn on the printer.

turn on the brother printer

Firstly, ensure that your Brother printer has the right driver installed. You can download the correct driver from Brother printer’s official website ( Thereafter follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Turn off your brother printer by pressing and holding the ‘Go’ button located on your printer.

press on

  • Now turn your printer on yet again by pressing the same button. 
  • Release the ‘Go’ button once all the three lights appear. Thereafter, press it consecutively for ten times.

Go button brother printer

  • Here wait until the red light is lit.
  • Place the brother printer machine in the network range of WPS and an access point.

Place the brother printer machine in the network range of WPS and an access point

  • Now follow the on-screen instructions for the complete setup.
  • After completion of the driver installation process, your printer will be in the ‘online’ state. 

Hope this Solution will help you when brother printer keeps going offline windows 10

That’s how you can fix the Brother printer Offline Problem on Mac

There are various issues that may lead to the issue of Brother printer goes offline fix error on Mac. Let’s look at some of the most common ones:

brother printer offline on mac

  • Paper jams, faulty hardware, outdated software, low or no ink toners.

low or no ink toners in brother printer

  • Sometimes Mac device automatically connects the device to wifi and downloads the relevant drivers. Here user needs to click the device and unclick the option stating printer is used offline.
  • Sometimes firewall enablement stops the printer from printing.
  • The Mac operating system has a lot of printer drivers and USB connections. Therefore the only thing you need to ensure is that the printer is able to recognize the Mac device and vice versa. Please select the printer from the system preferences tab which is listed on the Apple menu.
  • First of all switch on the power of your brother’s printer.

First of all switch on the power of your brother printer

  • Remove the plug and power outlet.
  • Unplug the interface cable and plug it into the power outlet.
  • Lastly, turn on the printer and insert the CD on the CD ROM drive that comes along with the printer. Incase of you don’t have CD, download and install the printer driver from Brother printers official website. 

install brother printer with cd rom

That’s how you can install the driver:

  • Begin by restarting your printer and the newly installed driver.
  • Now select the printer and install the paper port. Kindly read all instructions given in the manual carefully.

select the brother printer and install the paper port.

  • Open the Apple menu and select “System Preferences”.

Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences

  • Click on “printer and scanners” and open the “ printer scanner and fax”.

printer and scanners

  • Click the add button and open the default options.
  • Select the name of your printer where you will see “Print and fax” and “print and scan” options.
  • Here allow and add the brother printer to the device. Once your printer is added to the Mac device,  quit the system preferences. 

add brother printer with mac system preferences

quit the system preferences

  • Your brother printer offline error on MAC will be resolved.
  • This is the best way ti fix when brother printer goes offline on mac

That’s how a user can seek assistance for your Brother printers.

There is online support for Brother printer listed on their official website along with a toll-free number and live chat support help. Through all these media a user can identify the key issues in the Brother printer says Offline Fix and post the same. The experts and service engineers will assist the users to connect the printer to a Mac device.

Just making a simple purchase of the printer is not sufficient, its proper use and installation are equally essential to support the daily print needs of the user. The Professional team of the Brother printer allows you to update the driver, install the ink for printing, etc. A user may need assistance with their Brother printers which could related to either software or hardware issue of the printer . Brother printers also have a research and support program where you can register your product and there is an app that will help you to register your product and takes feedback on the features you like or dislike.

Final Words: We hope this article will come to your maximum advantage while looking for ways to troubleshoot the issue of My Brother printer is Offline message or facing the issue of connecting your Brother printer to the Mac.

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