How to Manually Check Ink Levels on HP Printer Windows

Having an HP Printer is a blessing as you must be aware of the amazing printing and clarity provided by this printer. Whether you have bought a new hp printer or you are using your old printer, it is important that you know the easy way to check ink levels on hp printer. Sometimes, you find that the printouts aren’t clear or those are blotchy. This is the time when you have to change the ink cartridge of the hp printer. With the regular usage of printer, the ink cartridge will get low and it will dry which is the major reason behind the blockage of the ink nozzle and decreasing of ink levels of hp printer. In this case, the hp printer starts producing more amounts of ink and it can make your printer work in an abrupt manner. 

Easy Troubleshooting Steps to Check Ink Levels on HP Printer

When you find that the printouts from the HP printer are faded, you need to have a look at computer back to check if the printer is connected to the computer properly. If the printer is plugged into it, then there must be another problem but if it isn’t plugged properly, then you should plug it in properly. If that doesn’t work out, then you can follow the given steps:

hp print tool

Install HP Printer Help Tool:


If you think that the Ink levels HP printer is reduced, then you should download HP Print tool and then you need to scan doctor. It will help you to diagnose the troubleshooting to find out the issues with the printer. In order to check the ink level, you need to open the tool and then go to supply levels.

install hp printer app

Install HP printer app


If you want to check ink levels on hp printer from Windows 10, iOS and Android, then you are going to need HP printer app. It is possible that you might be having that app already on your computer. If you don’t have it, then you need to download and install it from the Windows store. This app will work for all kinds of printers and it doesn’t belong to any particular printer. 

download hp support assistant

Install HP Printer Support Assistant


When you install the printer driver, this setup would also install the HP printer software/assistant. This assistant would let you check ink levels on hp printer and cartridge levels easily. When you want to make changes in printer settings, then the HP printer will help you with it. 

If you aren’t able to find out ink levels on hp printer on your own, you can also take help of the customer care services. The professional experts can help you to know about the exact steps to get answers related to HP printer. If you find that the ink level is finished, then you should order a new cartridge of HP brand for the printer. HP is a trusted industry when it comes to printers and laptops. There are a variety of printers available for the customers and if you have got one of them, then you should check the cartridge level of the toner from time to time. This will help you to get the ink on time. The best time to replace the hp printer cartridge is when the printouts get faded. These days, it has become really easy to check the ink level on hp printer of the cartridge.

What Should You Do When the Ink Level Isn’t Showing Correctly?

How do I find out how much ink is left in my hp printer Windows

Sometimes, it is possible that the ink levels shown to you aren’t correct. What should you do in that case? When you aren’t using genuine toner or ink from HP, there are chances that you will have to face this problem. That’s why it is better that you get the original ink to work on the hp printer in the best manner. If you have refilled the hp printer cartridge, then it might not be done in a proper manner which can bring faded printouts. If you have installed the remanufactured cartridge in it, this can also create problems with the hp printer. When the hp printer is using ink tanks instead of the real cartridge, you won’t be able to get the correct results or unable to check ink levels on hp printer. 

If this isn’t the issue, then hardware reset might have created the problem for your hp printer. If you have recently done a hardware reset on your hp printer, then it is possible that you won’t be able to see correct ink levels HP printer. By using the hp printer app, it is easy to find the ink levels are there isn’t any problem with your printer. If there is an issue with the printer, then only customer care support services can help you with it. They have better knowledge when it comes to checking the ink level and you can also know to change the ink cartridge. 

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