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How To Setup Google Cloud Print On HP Printers
How To Setup Google Cloud Print On HP Printers

How To Setup Google Cloud Print On HP Printers

What is Google Cloud Print ?

This is one of the best technologies which can be used to print the documents or photos over the web from any place. It can be any place including your phone, tablet to any of your printer using the application used in the Google web and the Android mobiles. You can download the hp support assistant software to get further details regarding the Google cloud print on hp printers.

cloud_printing2 How To Setup Google Cloud Print On HP Printers

How to Setup Google Cloud Print on an HP Printer?

In this topic, we can see how to setup google cloud print on hp printers which is not supported by the printers by default. In order to print using this method, follow the steps given below: 

First, you need to have the Google or Gmail account to use the service of Google cloud print. If you do not have an account, you will be given the option to create an account while adding your printer to the cloud print service.

The next thing is to register with the HP cloud. To register your printer to HP cloud follow the steps given below:

HP ePrint-capable printers: This method is free and involves only one-time registration with the HP cloud to get the printer’s email address before printing using the Google cloud print. After that use the printer’s email id to add your printer to the google account. And follow the steps given below to complete the registration process.

  • Ensure that your printer is capable for hp ePrint and it is registered with the HP Connected. If you are not sure about your printer capabilities check it in the website printers that support Google cloud print or Google cloud-ready printers website. Visit here to change hp eprint email address.
  • Then go to the website of google cloud print and then sign in to the website using your Gmail account or Google account. In case you don’t have to create it. 
  • Provide the mail id in the appropriate place provided in the web page and click on connect my printer option.
  • Then follow the sequence of instructions provided on the screen to connect your cloud ready printer for cloud printing.

HP classic printers: The HP classic printers do not have the feature of ePrint. To connect this kind of printer to the Google cloud print follow the instructions provided below.

  • To setup google cloud print on hp printers for classic series printers you need to have the google chrome web browser on your computer. If you don’t have to install it using the web browser on your computer. 
  • Check whether your HP laserjet printer is HP Universal print driver and compatible with the postscript. 
  • In order to check that go to the website and click on the specification tab present on the webpage. And check in the section of HP UPD support printers list. And also check whether it is listed in the PS column.
  •  Then go to the website google cloud print website and then click on the option Add a classic printer to add your printer to that list.
  • Then sign in to that page using your Gmail account.
  • And follow the on-screen instructions provided on the screen to connect your HP classic printer with the Google cloud print.

These are the steps you need to follow to set up hp printer with Google cloud print. For further guidance, you can install the hp support assistant software.

Connecting & Printing From HP Printer Using Google Cloud Print:

After reading the above process you will be clear about the process of setting up your Hp printer to the Google cloud print. Now we can see the various steps involved in connecting and printing the documents using this cloud print service.

You can connect your hp printer either using the computer or the Android devices. We can see the steps involved in both the process one by one.

  • Turn On your printer and the load the paper on the input tray.
  • Check whether the ink or cartridges are installed on your printer properly.
  • After checking the printer setting, go to the chrome browser and sign in with your Google accounts. If you have not installed the chrome install it.
  • Then select your printer by typing chrome://devices in the address bar and then press enter button. If your printer is present new devices, register the devices. If it is registered under the My devices then check the printers in the Google cloud print.
  • In the printer control panel and confirm your printer registration and then follow the instruction on the page printed.
  • After confirmation, your printer is ready for printing using the Google cloud print.
  • Using the Android devices: The various steps involved in the process of connecting to the Android devices follow.
  • Turn the printer ON, load the paper in the input tray.
  • Confirm whether the ink or cartridges installed on the printer.
  • Make sure your printer and Android device is connected to the same wireless network.
  • In the Android device, download and install the cloud print plugin from the google play store.
  • After installing the application, open the settings menu and type printing in the search field.
  • Select the cloud print tab and then select the Add printer option to add your printer.
  • Confirm the registration process of your printer on the control panel.
  • Follow the instructions listed on the paper that is a printer.

After completing the above steps for setup google cloud print on hp printers, your printer is ready for printing documents, email, images and web pages from your computer or Android devices easily with perfect quality.

These are steps you need to follow in order to print using hp printer with the Google cloud print. For more information about HP Support Assistant you can visit our site.




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