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HP Wireless Printer Setup Guide

How to Install & Setup HP Printer Online

In this article we will discuss in brief all the challenges which arises at time of HP wireless printer setup along with its solution. 

All printers have a basic installation process which is either wired or wireless setup where the steps to Install HP Printer is different for both of them. Hence in this article we have explained detailed information about how to install HP printer, install hp printer without cd and HP printer setup (wired/wireless). 

Steps for HP printer wireless setup without CD

HP printer wireless setup without a CD can be done with the following steps:

  • The first step is to check whether the printer is establishing a network with a wireless connection. You can check this by  Clicking Here 

connect hp printer to wifi

  • Next follow the user manual and locate the power button to switch it on. 

switch on hp printer

  • Once the printer gets switched on, connect it with the router. 


  • This is the most important step to setup an HP Wireless printer without a CD. For this, visit the official website of HP or 123.hp.com/setup and initiate the installation of printer drivers. Ensure to enter the exact model number of the printer. 

install driver

  • Now initiate the installation of driver download and proceed to the next step.
  • Thereafter install the HP smart app from HP’s website as it will assist you in the setup process.

HP smart app installed

  • Click the ‘next’ option shown in the setup window until the setup is completed. Once the setup is done you will see “ready to use’ option on the display screen. 
  • You are now all set to start the printing tasks with HP printer. 

Above mentioned steps can help you to install HP printer set up without CD.

Steps for HP printer wireless setup with CD

Installation of HP wireless Printer setup is very simple process as you just need to insert the CD in the drive and follow onscreen instructions. These are the steps to establish a wireless set up with CD:

Connect HP printer with a wireless network

  • Once all networks are established, open CD and start following the steps by clicking the ‘next’ option. Continue this until you reach the ‘finish’ option. 

open cd

  • Once you reach the final step, click the ‘install’ option. 

setup driver

  • This process will successfully connect the printer with the operating system. 
  • Now load papers in the paper tray and add ink cartridges. After that go to the ‘file’ menu and select the desired file to be printed.

Load paper in the paper tray and add ink cartridges

  • Select the layout and pattern you desire to retrieve. Also make font changes if required.

Select the layout and pattern

  • Go to the final printing process to complete your first print job.

These simple steps can ensure the successful installation of the HP wireless printer using the CD.

The next section of this write-up will aid you in setting up HP wireless printers on Windows. There after you can find steps for HP wireless setup on Mac computers. So without much ado let’s get started.

hp wireless printer setup windows 10

Follow the instruction below To setup HP wireless printer on Windows:

  • Unpack the printer box: Begin by taking out the printer from the box and remove the tape and packing material from it. In case your printer is an all in one, remove the packing material from the scanner glass too. Make sure to remove the packing material from near the carriage and paper input tray.
  • Connect the printer to a power source: Now connect the printing device to the power source and turn it on. Thereafter, set country, time, and region from the Control Panel.
  • Alignment and installation of ink cartridges: Now it’s time to install and align the ink cartridges. To do so, follow the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Begin by opening the ink cartridge access door. The user needs to wait patiently until the carriage is idle and silent before proceeding to the next step.
  2. Now by taking a lot of caution, remove the tape from the ink cartridges before inserting them in the carriage.
  3. Carefully close the cartridge access door and follow the instructions given on the printer.
  4. Now as the final step, follow the instructions given on the alignment page to complete the ink cartridge alignment.

Time to load paper into the input tray: Load the stack of plain white paper into the main input tray. Gently slide in the paper width guides until and unless it does not rest against the edges of the paper.

  • Download and install the printer driver and connect your printer: To download, install and connect the printer on your pc, follow the below-given steps:
  1. Begin by visiting the HP’s official website. Here you will need to enter your printer model and OS version to download the correct driver.
  2. Now install the downloaded software.
  3. Lastly choose the connection type when prompted and thereafter carefully follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Get the printer registered: You can register your printer by signing up with HP. However this step is not mandatory.
  • Lastly sign for HP instant ink: As the last step sign up for the HP instant ink from the Hp official website. This would ensure an ink cartridge replacement when required.

hp wireless printer setup for mac

Follow the instruction below To setup HP wireless printer for MAC:

  • Prep up for the installation: Before setting up the wireless printer make sure you have gathered the required information such as network name, network password, a computer, internet access and a wireless printer. Ensure that printer, router and computer are turned on. Also check that the computer is connected to the same wireless network to which the printer has to be connected. Thereafter properly set up and load paper into the input tray and install the ink cartridges.
  • Connect the printer to the wireless network: These steps below will work for the router that supports WPS:
  1. Begin by pressing and holding the wireless button on the Control Panel.
  2. Once the wireless light starts blinking the user can release the button.
  3. Now within two minutes, press and release the WPS button on the wireless router.
  4. The user now needs to wait patiently for two minutes until the router and printer establish a network connection. Thereafter once the printer connects to the network the wireless light will be switched on and will be steady.
  • Download and install the printer driver: To download and install the printer driver follow the below mentioned steps carefully:
  1. Begin by visiting “123.hp.com/LaserJet” and click on the “Download” link.
  2. Now to begin the installation procedure, open the “Downloads” folder from the Mac dock and click on the “HP Easy Start” file. In case the “Easy Start” does not open on its own, the user needs to double click the second file “HP Easy Start” from the “Downloads “folder.
  3. Lastly, carefully follow the on-screen instructions to finish the software installation procedure.

Step By Step Guide to Setup HP Printer With USB

HP printer setup for a wired printer is pretty easy and can be done by following few basic steps. Theses steps are mentioned as below:-

  1. Set your printer near the computer you want to connect with. This includes making sure that the printer is within the range in which the cable can reach the computer.
  2. Plug your printer into a power source to provide it with the electricity and then switch it on. You will find a power button on your printer, which is to be pressed to switch it on.
  3. Now connect the printer to your computer via the USB slot by simply  inserting the cable into the USB port of your computer.
  4. Now go to control panel and open ‘device and printers’. 
  5. Once done click on ‘printer and scanner’.
  6. Upon pressing on printers and scanners you will find a row called  ‘add a new printer or scanner’. Click on it.
  7. Now you will be able to see the name of your printer in a box with an additional ‘add device option’ which is to be clicked.
  8. Keep on clicking on next and your printer setup will be completed. 

HP Wireless Printer Setup - Complete Instruction Guide​

The wireless setup of the Wi-Fi printers generally works by connecting to a router which  provides internet access to the printer. However if your printer connects with Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi, then the procedure will vary a bit. 

  • The HP wireless printer facilitates multiple users and grants access to the same. But the difference here is that it doesn’t connect through any cable or network.
  • It connects to a computer via Wi-Fi i.e. this printer connects to a route and not an individual computer.
  • A wireless printer consumes much more time to set up as compared to a normal wired printer.

Thus time taken is usually because of the details required to grant access i.e. you have to enter all the network details of the computer along with your Wi-Fi’s password to be filled out in HP wireless printer setup.

  • After entering the correct password, the printer will be able to detect the router and then connect to it.
  • Also, you will have to install a software setup in the computer like HP printer setup or HP printer setup mac; you wish to have access to, only then can you complete the entire procedure.
  • In addition to all the details provided in HP wireless printer setup, you have to make sure the speed of the printer and the network type matches.

If there is any variation in the speed, it will affect the speed of the transferring files. 


In this article we have addressed all the methods to install wireless and wired connection. In the later part we have also discuses ‘HP printer wireless setup Windows 10’ and ‘HP printer wireless setup mac’. We hope that by following the above mentioned instruction you are able to successfully setup your printer. However if you are still not able to find success in the setup, you can call on the toll free number provided on your screen for assistance. Alternatively you can also contact HP’s customer care helpline from their official website. 

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