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What to do if HP Printer Does Not Print Word Documents?
what to do if hp printer does not print word documents

What to do if HP Printer Does Not Print Word Documents?

People use word documents in daily work life. This is the most convenient form to record information and store information. Creating reports and projects on the word document is very simple and easy. However when the same word document is sent to the hp printer to print and does not give the desired output what must one person do. Well there are several common reasons why the hp printer rejects the word document or shows an error while printing. Let us identify what are the common errors that do not allow the hp printer to print. 


Lack of cartridge, faulty print jobs, and clogged printer heads, and outdated printer drivers do not allow the word document to print. One of the common problems which I have experienced while printing word documents is that many a times when we provide the print command is that the printer scans the document and does not print in the document when we open the printer queue we notice that the print job has got stuck which refrains the hp printer not printing anything on the document.

Steps to Enable HP Printer to Print Word Documents:

  • Hold the power button for 20 seconds and reset the printer. This will assist you to print your documents easily. 

  • Download the updated driver to sync the PC and the printer so that the document is printed and fix HP Printer Not Printing Word Documents issue for further more enquiry you may contact at 1855-788-2810 Toll free.

  • Open the front cover and reinstall the cartridge. Also gently clean the print head with a soft cloth so that dust particles and clogged print heads can be cleaned. 

  • Evenly shake and distribute the ink toners so that the document can be printed. 

  • Ensure the black & white ink option is selected as a default setting. 

  • Please cross check the ink levels of the printer before printing. 

  • Ensure that the printer is realigned once the new cartridge is installed.

  • The paper that is loaded in the tray should match the setting of the printer. 

  • Always use an original cartridge of hp which is from an authorised dealer.

  • Go to the printer properties and select page range print in batches this will assist you to print effectively. 

  • Ensure printer is securely connected to the printer through a wireless connection or a USB cord this will allow you to print whenever possible. 

  • Ensure the paper loaded in the printer is not folded from any side. 

HP printers offer a wide range of printing solutions like if hp printer is not printing properly,  one of the prominent solutions is the hp smart app this app helps print documents in the following ways.  

steps-to-enable-hp-printer-to-print-word-documents What to do if HP Printer Does Not Print Word Documents?

The HP smart app needs to be connected to the same wireless network as your printer. Please install the application then please tap on the application and click on start. Read and accept the terms and conditions, please tap to continue, the app searches for printers in the available network then please add your printer to the app. 

HP Printer Not Printing Word Documents:- Once it has being added you can fire a test print. This will help you test the application. This app is used to print scan copy troubleshoot printing issues like hp printer not printing text, not printing anything on paper, wireless printer not printing, not printing properly, not printing correctly etc, also allows the user to set up a printer on the wireless network. In order to successfully install a printer through HP Smart app it is essential that you have an updated Android phone; you also require an active internet connection, an hp printer which is turned on; please have a wireless password and passkey this is so that the network you are connected on is secure in nature.  

Open a web browser on your Android phone, type “” on the search bar. The official hp website will not charge any services click on the option which says get the app. Post the app is installed please tap the icon to open it. Once you open the app a welcome page will appear tap the terms and conditions and then click on start. 


Open the HP application locate the document available for printing select the document available for printing preview the same in print preview settings adjust the document and fire a print. It further assists you to select an ink cartridge; you can access the tools and reports you can view the printer reports, you can adjust the pages by accessing quality tools to adjust print quality effectively.

Fixing HP Printer Word File Not Printing Issue

Fixing-HP-Printer-Word-File-Not-Printing-Issue What to do if HP Printer Does Not Print Word Documents?

This printer offers smart printing solutions. You can enable remote printing solutions. HP printer stores printing material in its memory. Word documents with heavy duty text, graphs charts images can be printed effectively.HP printer comes in both USB and wireless connection. 

To print word documents you need to setup the page setup option, before printing please let us open the print preview option in word to ensure that the document is printed properly and no text is missed out.

Word documents can be crisply made and formatted well so that while printing the edges are not folded or cut at the time of printing. Word file offers options such as quick print this option enables the printer and the system to establish a secure connection. This allows the word document to print in a qualitative manner and it sends the document directly to the printer. This does not make any changes to the document. 

The print options available in word document allow you to specify the printing specifications such as number of copies, type of page quality dimension of printing etc. The print preview option allows you to review the document and make necessary changes to the document before printing. Word document allows you to print in draft mode best mode and normal mode. It is great if you can do bulk printing in batches. The word document allows you to define how many pages can be printed per sheet. 


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Word document is the easiest application used by a user for daily work all the above strategies and ways will assist you to print via hp printer.  

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