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What to do When HP Printer Not Printing Black Text?

The technology of producing many same copies of the original text to enable a wide readership is referred to as “Printing”. This concept dates back to 220 AD, then known as “Woodblock Printing “ in China which then developed into the movable kind in 1040 by Bi Sheng, the invention of printing press by Gutenberg in the 15th century brought the real change in the way printing started to be widely brought to use worldwide. From then on there have been upgradations in the technology.
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HP Printer Not Printing Black Text? We Have Got Not One But Many Alternative Solutions For You!

Hewlett Packard, an American printing brand founded in 1984, has been dominating the printing market now for too long. Huge demand for HP printer is owing to its competitive rates, plenty varieties varying from personal, shared, virtual and 3D models suiting the customer’s needs. However, just like any technical equipment, printers too are prone to repairing, failures and technical faults. This write up will talk about one such error like hp printer not printing black of being unable to print in basic black text. If you are done with your internet search on the same issue of being unable to receive a black text from your printer, congratulations! You are reading the perfect article. We have penned down almost all the troubleshooting steps that you can take to end your misery. Let us start from the basic troubleshooting steps to the advanced one. To Fix HP Printer not Printing Black Problem Please Read and see which solution of all helps you.

List of troubleshooting methods to fix HP Printer Not Printing Black

Read the list of troubleshooting methods that we have come up for your convenience. Try them and see which works in your favor! Read on. A. Let us start with the basic!: As the very first step, you should always turn off your computer completely by unplugging from the power source and disconnecting the USB cables as well. After restarting it carry out the test print. You never know this very step may succeed in solving your many printing issue in your hp printer. B. The next obvious troubleshooting step: Just bought a new black ink cartridge and wondering why it doesn’t function? Well, look for the black tape surrounding the new black ink cartridge. With that on, you would not receive the black text at your print command. Remove that plastic tape and get your printing task done evenly. C. Calibrate your HP printer to rectify the hp printer not printing black error: Another effective way to get your printing issue rectified is by properly calibrating
D.Perform print hp printer cartridge alignment: The next correct method to rectify the given issue is to carry out the “Self-test diagnostic” and “Print cartridge Alignment” on your system. If in case you receive “Print cartridge alignment” error follow the below steps as a solution to that.
  • Put in one A4 size sheet and select “Setup” button on your system.
  • Now on the bottom of the screen look for “Tools” option, select it and press “OK”.
  • Again scroll down the page and look for “Align print cartridges”, select it and press “OK”.
  • Now you would be able to print the alignment page.
  • To know more about carriage jam error click here to resolve HP Printer Carriage Jam Error.

E. Printhead needs to be replaced or freshly installed: Printhead is a principal factor in the printing process as it technically puts ink to paper to create a presentable text. Clean the printhead following the stated steps as below:

  1. Go to the start button and search for “Control Panel”, open it and then click on “Drivers and printers”

b.On the next page look for your printing system icon, right click on the same and select “Properties”

c.On the new window that appears click on “Hardware” option and then click on “Clean Ink  ” on the subsequent window.

d.Follow the prompt onscreen instructions to clean the printhead and perform a printing check thereafter.

F. Printer Driver Issue: After checking the basic connection if your HP printer still not printing black text, the next best way is to either update or reinstall your driver. 

G. Problem still persists?Install and run a diagnostic software: If none of the above-discussed methods worked for hp printer not printing black issue, then this probably would. Download and install the “Hp Print and Scan Doctor” provided by HP brand. Follow the steps carefully.

  • Go to the official HP website and download the “Hp Print and Scan Doctor” software.
  • After downloading the software, open it and tap the “Start” button from the Window screen of your system.
  • Now on the subsequent page choose your printing device amongst the list of printers and click “Next”.
  • On the next screen, select “Fix Printing”.
  • Now the software installed will rectify your printer not printing in black text issue.

Hope the methods described in this write up gets your printing color issue resolved in no time. However, in case of further assistance on the hp printer not printing black, take expert help.

Keep reading this space to keep yourself updated on such tech-related issues.

Happy printing!

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